Simple Changes That Will Positively Impact Your Career

If you want to change your career effectively, there are a few simple changes that you can make. These changes will positively impact not only your confidence and etiquette but also your conversation techniques and networking. In addition, if you're willing to learn and challenge yourself, these tips could be the difference between success or failure in any future endeavor.

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Conversation Techniques

The way you talk to people can be just as important as what you say. Your body language, eye contact, and voice all play an integral role in how well people receive your message. 

With this article, it's simple to improve these skills if they're not already second nature to you. For example, it'll teach you to pay attention when talking with others, among other techniques.

Your Confidence

If you want to upscale your career, this is a huge one, especially for women. It's so important to have confidence in yourself and what you do. So many times, women are their own worst critics, but there is nothing more impressive than a confident woman who knows her value.

-Be confident of your skills and abilities.

-Speak up confidently when considered for opportunities.

-Know that everything has its place – don't let someone else question your worth.

Your confidence can mean the difference between achieving your goals and not. If you are confident, people will notice that about you, motivating them to take action towards you.


This is an area where people often fall short. Often, they don't think about these things until it's too late and then apologize for their behavior after the fact. These simple changes will help you avoid that:

  • Be polite to your superiors and subordinates alike – this is common sense, but many still fail at doing so. 
  • Remember, if someone reports to you or has a higher position than you do in the company hierarchy, treat them as such when talking with them personally or even over email. 
  • Even if someone is not very good at what they're doing, always portray respect before suggesting improvement/criticism of any kind.

Networking and Aggressiveness

You should never forget that networking is one of the most important activities you will engage in throughout your career. People are more likely to remember an associate who has been proactive and involved versus someone who simply comes into their office but does not initiate contact. 

So be sure to take every opportunity to communicate with those around you. If it means going out of your way a few times a week, then do it. It can prove worthwhile. 

Willingness To Learn and Challenge Yourself

This is key for making sure you never feel like you've become stagnant or complacent at your job. Instead, you have to be willing and able to learn new things, take risks, and try something that's been on the back burner. 

To keep yourself feeling challenged and engaged with what you're doing every day will help ensure that boredom doesn't set in or overwhelm your mind with thoughts of wanting more from your career path.


In conclusion, there are some things you can do to better your chances of achieving your career goals. You must be willing to learn, work hard and stay motivated throughout the process.

By following these simple tips, it will lead to a more successful path in both finding employment and advancing within an organization when opportunities avail.

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