Shaking Up Your Medical Career

It's normal to feel stuck in a rut with your career, especially if you work in a tough industry like medicine. The long hours and stressful circumstances can easily take their toll on your mental health, and could soon lead to a burnout.

If your job is starting to get you, or you're getting itch feet, you might want to think about a career change. There are different directions your medical career can take you, so why not give something different a try?

Want to shake up your medical career? Here are some suggestions for how you can make it happen.

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Find a new role that excites and challenges you

Working in a hospital has a community element. Each day you're on the front line together, leaving you and your team feeling like family. But if your job is stressing you out, or you feel like it's not enjoyable anymore, it could be time for a change.

A different role in a different area of medicine, or even in a different location, could help you get a fresh perspective, helping you enjoy your job again. It's important to find a role that challenges and excites you, that makes you want to go to work each day. Practice Match is a great place to find job roles in different practice areas. A change of scenery once in a while can do you good, Helping you continue to do what you love.

Consider moving into teaching

Moving into the education side of medicine can be a nice change of pace. Whether you decide to do this for a short period or make a permanent change, it could be a great way for you to shake things up and help the next generation of doctors too. 

Change your hours

There are many ways that physicians can relieve stress, but one more permanent way could be to change your working hours. There is a demand for out-of-hours doctors, with more people wanting to access medical appointments outside of typical working hours such as evenings and weekends. Out-of-hours comes with its own challenges, but it could be a way to help you find some kind of balance and enjoy a change of pace.

If out of hours doesn't suit, why not consider moving into a part-time role or becoming a locum instead? 

Do some humanitarian work

Stepping back from the busy hospital environment can work wonders for your mental health, while also allowing you to embrace a different way of practicing medicine. Why not consider volunteering as a way to do some great work for others? You could join a medical volunteer abroad program and spend some time working in another country that's crying out for help from experienced people like yourself. 

Making a change to your career can be one way to shake things up and help you find the love for what you do again. If switching up your career isn't something you want to do right now, there are other ways you can regain the balance in your life for a happier and healthier you. 

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