Relocating to Boston for Business or Work: 5 Tips to Make the Transition Smooth

Relocation can be exciting and scary at the same time, as there are usually enough reasons to justify both. Moving to a nearby city in the same state is not exactly the same as relocating to another corner of the US altogether. On the other hand, if you have decided to make that move, then it probably signifies the fact that better career opportunities are waiting for you in Boston.

To help make your relocation to Boston as smooth as possible, go through the following set of carefully selected tips. Each of these will help solve a crucial issue that is often faced while moving here for business or work.

Read About Your New Destination

We have enough information on the internet today to make this part quite easy. Go through the basics of your new city in regard to the following:

  • Which are the best neighborhoods in Boston?
  • If you have kids, which are the most family-friendly neighborhoods?
  • What is the school situation in your new city?
  • Can you find apartments in Boston that could possibly help you cut down on your commute?
  • Get to know a little bit about the basics of getting around in Boston
  • Are there legal changes to consider; different states have different parking rules for instance
  • Where are the best places to eat, drink and relax during the weekends?

Use your smartphone to read up on these for just a few minutes, starting a week or two before the move. That is pretty much all it should take to get a basic understanding of the expected changes most relevant to a newcomer.

Minimize the Hunt for Apartments in Boston with a Turnkey Experience

Boston is the nation’s fourth most expensive city in which to find rented apartments, but that’s to be expected from the capital of Massachusetts. What does become a particularly bothersome inconvenience, on the other hand, is the daunting job of finding the right apartments in Boston, managing the logistics of the entire move and coordinating it all with your new work schedule! If you are moving to Boston with children, then that’s one more parameter you must also factor in, alongside everything else.

Blueground simplifies the process by providing beautifully furnished turnkey apartments in Boston. Their properties are located in the best neighborhoods of Boston and are all move-in ready.

With modern appliances, and gorgeous décor, you can use Blueground apartments for a mid to long-term stay (minimum of one month) or you could turn it into your new home for as long as you like.

Use a Reliable GPS System to Navigate

One of the main issues of relocating to any new place in the world is that of getting used to the new routes. If you are coming in from outside the state, in particular, Boston can be a tough city to navigate.

While the city itself is minuscule for a capital city at just 89.63 square miles, it can get extremely difficult for a newcomer to drive through it properly without getting fined for traffic violations. There are unexpected dead ends and a confusing network of one-ways and rotaries to make life particularly difficult for someone new to the roads of Boston.

Get to Know MBTA and Local Sports Schedules

The good news is that due to Boston’s small size, walking or biking to nearby places is actually a very practical option here. For a few added pointers on getting around in Boston, check out the tips below.

  • Be mindful of the home sports events (Boston Red Sox and Boston Bruins), as they do slow down traffic; don’t drive on those days, take the subway
  • The Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) ceases all public transportation services post 1 o’clock in the morning
  • The local commuter rail system is known for running on a strict schedule, so those routes might be the most reliable options for getting to work on time
  • Beware of the snowstorms and the consequent snow piles, as they can make driving difficult in winter

Relocating itself has its share of perks and inconveniences, and a shift to Boston is not immune to them either. Nevertheless, The Hub is a prime location for moving a business or joining a new job role. There are plenty of nearby attractions such as Cape Cod or Nantucket to explore, waiting just outside the city.

As long as you put the tips we just discussed into practice, put on some extra layers for the winter and keep an open mind, rest assured that your relocation experience will most likely be a lot smoother than you might imagine.

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