Reasons Why You Might Need a Translation Service

A lot of people believe that they can easily translate work without resorting to a translation service, they even think that using digital translation services will give them the desired result. However, there is a reason why translation services are booming even after technology advancements, and that is because translation services done by humans are irreplaceable. There are quite a few reasons why someone might need translation services and here are eight of them.

Website Translation

This is a service that can be hard to accomplish. Translating a website does not only require extensive knowledge of the target language, but it also requires knowledge of the culture of the target audience to avoid any misinterpretation. You might be thinking, why even translate my website? Well, translating your website means that your products and services reach a larger spectrum of people. People are more likely to land on your webpage if they are able to use their native language to look up questions or products online.

Translation of Legal documents

Legal documents are very information sensitive. One mistake can cost one or both of the parties involved. Legal documents include all types of contracts, legal papers, and laws and regulations. Legal documents must be worded in a certain way that is particular to the target language. Translating such documents word for word will only create loopholes that can be used against you. Therefore, most translation companies pride themselves in having various editors going through the translation for you.

Some people believe that legal translation is quite expensive and thus can be a waste of money. The information found on this page clarifies that you can get a free quote from a reputable translation service before committing to the translation. Not to mention, even if translating the document will cost you a substantial amount of money, it can save you from paying a lot more money in the future due to any translation mistakes. 

Localizing Software

Creating a software program that cannot be used except by people who only use a certain language is bound to make customers and users seek out other programs. You can ensure that different people worldwide use your software by translating it. The issue faced with translating software is localization. Localization is altering the interface, messages, alerts and other media in the software to fit the target audience’s views, preferences, and language.

Technical Translation

Technical translation includes translating terms that are specific to a certain science or field. For example, car manuals, engineering documents, or any document containing field-specific jargon that limited people know is considered a technical document. Of course, if you specialize in a technical field, you will be aware of the terms being used, however, you might not be aware of the target language terminology or even the structure needed to be used in the translation.

Judicial Translation

Judicial translation is different from legal translation even though they appear to have common factors. Judicial translation is a translation done in a court, either to convey what the defendant is trying to say or translate court documents at sight. Therefore, judicial translation cannot be done by anyone except a professional translation service.

Translation of Medical Documents

Medical documents can save a person’s life. These include documents such as clinical trial reports, medical reports on a person’s case or even a blood test report. These medical documents are full of medical terms that can be hard to translate into the target text if you are not a translator specialized in the medical field, let alone someone who has never translated professionally.

Administrative Translation

If you work in a company that plans to expand to another country, then chances are, you will need to use a translation company to translate various documents including employee handbooks, instructions, and HR regulations. This type of translation is called administrative translation. Although this type of translation is not as difficult as specialized translation, it still requires finesse to word the documents correctly in a way that employees can easily understand.

Financial Translation

This type of translation needs a professional translator because there is special terminology used in financial and accounting documents that are different from everyday words. For example, translators can help you translate financial statements including the balance sheets, financial reports, and accounting details that you would otherwise not be able to translate.

These are eight types of documents and translations require the use of a translation service instead of taking a risk and translating it on your own. As mentioned above, it seems like an easy thing to translate documents yourself, however, there is no guarantee that you will make it sound as natural as you want it to sound in the target language, not to mention that you could be making mistakes that will cost you way more than using a translation service would.

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