Putting Your Home on the Market? Here's How to get the Best Price!

Is it time to move to a new home? Maybe your family has grown, perhaps you're no longer in love with your area, or you might need something smaller if your children have flown the nest. Whatever your situation, getting as much as possible for your current property will be high on your priority list, but you might be wondering what you can do to achieve this. Here are five steps to follow.

Clear out the clutter
First things first, make it your mission to clear out the clutter in the property. This is good for you as it's a chance to get rid of things you no longer need- the last thing you want is to drag a load of useless items from the old property to your new one. Go through everything room by room, donate things that are still good but you dont use, or give them to friends. You could list items with any value on selling sites, and anything that's no good can go into the bin. If you're getting rid of big items like furniture then you'll need to book a skip hire company. Don't forget to go through the loft, basement, garage and shed too.

Once the rooms are free of excess items, it will be much easier to redecorate. While you won't want to spend huge amounts on a property you're not going to be living with, investing a bit of time and money here can pay off hugely when it comes to what you're able to get for it in terms of price. Buyers will want to come in and see a blank canvas so they can see what sort of space they're working with, and so they can imagine themselves there. Strip off all wallpaper and fix holes and cracks in walls. Paint everything a light, neutral shade and have some new carpets fitted. This facelift will make any property instantly look light, bright, clean and airy- exactly what people will want.

Dress (your home) to impress
Once you're at the stage where you have a clean, blank canvas with your property, consider adding a couple of homely features. You wont want to go with anything personal here, instead carefully choose pieces that showcase the space. A plant, a clock, a mirror, a rug, a couple of cushions on the sofas. It needs to look like a home but without making it look like your home. New curtains at the windows will help to tie in with your new neutral colour scheme and you can ensure that you're not using anything too heavy which blocks the light out.

Improve the kerb appeal
The way a property looks on the outside is so important when you come to selling it. First impressions matter, so get off on the right foot. Give the garden a tidy up, clean the windows and front door- you might even need to paint it if it's worse for wear. Add some hanging baskets and a welcome mat by the door, it's a small cost but could make a big difference to making the home look welcoming and cared for.

Invest in good photos
Finally, spend the extra having professional photos taken for your listing. This can make a huge difference in the amount of people that come to view the property. We've all seen rubbish grainy photos on home listings before, you need clear high quality pictures to help your listing stang out, grab people's attention and get them through the door to look. This boosts your chances of meeting, or even exceeding your asking price.

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