Pros and Cons of Being an Expat

If you live in the modern age and era, where the state of the economy is unforgiving, the chances are that you may have considered working abroad. Well, expatriate life comes with some benefits, among them better-paying jobs. However, it doesn't happen that easy as most people assume. Before preparing your travel documents to travel abroad for work, here are the pros and cons that you should familiarize yourself with:


Exploring a New Culture and Destination

While out there trying to chase your dreams or grow your career, the chances are that you will end up in a new country, and with new people. For example, many American expatriates are working in places, as far as South Africa. South Africa is known for having a rich cultural heritage. Therefore, while out there working, the chances are that you will interact with these South Africans, learning more about their cultures, and different languages. Besides, the relocation makes you a tourist, as it's known for its diverse nature and plenty of wildlife.   

Opens Doors for Financial Growth

You may opt to relocate and work in a foreign country with a superior currency as compared to your home country. By taking advantage of the currency indifference, it means that you will have a good fortune to spend when you are back at home. The experience doesn't only help boost your finances but gives you the chance to grow your skills. Most of the places you may consider to relocate usually have advanced technology, and that means that you will return home a more experienced individual.

Better Services

On one occasion or another, you may fall ill when living and working in a foreign country. The fantastic thing is that with international insurance covers, you can easily access quality health services without having to break a bank. If you read more here, you will learn that with these international covers, you can expect even better services as compared to those you could have witnessed in your home country. With your health taken care of, it means that you and your family can live the healthiest, happiest, and safest life possible. 


Working in a foreign nation allows you to meet individuals from all walks of life. Say, for instance, you may be lucky to bump into prominent or successful individuals in your line of specialization. Who knows, maybe the short meet up is the key to a happy forever after. During your stay, you are also likely to meet individuals who share common goals as you. 

Lower Cost of Living

Take an example of an American expatriate working in Africa for an international company. In the region, the cost of living is low. Therefore, this kind of setting works much better for individuals who are looking to survive in a new area using the little money they earn. 


Language Barrier

Not all countries use English as their national language. Therefore, if you are looking to head to an area that doesn't use English, you may have trouble settling there. Communication is vital, and, therefore, if you find yourself in a country where people don't understand what you are saying, you may take time to adapt. 


Every state has its own way of operation. For instance, there are protocols to follow in the offices and on the roads. The fact that you are used to your country, you might find it hard to adjust to the new setting. Most expatriates, for example, have found themselves driving on the wrong side of the road or breaking laws that don't exist in their country of origin. 

Health Complications

Moving to a new country means a change in the environment. You must know that your body is already adapted to your home environment. The instant shift can result in health issues while trying to accustom. Also, the different diets in a foreign country can trigger health complications. Luckily, for you, with an international health cover from platforms, Now Health International, you no longer have to worry about the illnesses that come with the transition. The international covers assure you of standard healthcare that you desire. 


There is nothing that feels fantastic than living around people who care and love you. That's what it's like to grow with friends and family close to you. Unfortunately, expatriate life tries to cut short this kind of happy life. When moving to a foreign country to work, it means that you will have to leave behind your family and friends. Although the salary may be tempting, leaving the people you care about behind feels awful. You may experience homesickness for the first few months before you get used to living a life without the people that used to surround you. 

Moving to a foreign country to work is often associated with luck and is regarded as a perfect opportunity to grow your career. If you are considering starting your life as an expat, then you should first consider reading the pros and cons explained in this article. By reading through these advantages and disadvantages, you will understand what it feels like to begin a new career journey in a different country. 

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  1. Great article and easy to read. My comment - some of the Cons are not really negatives, IMO. The language barrier forces you to learn a new language - maybe that is a good thing. Regarding health care, some countries have better health care systems than the USA. I am told having a baby in Thailand is an incredible experience as they take such good care of the baby and the mom.

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