Modern Pallet Strapping Tools and Machines Are More Necessary Than Ever Due to Increases in Global Trading

As the world's shifted towards a global trading market, more manufacturers have been posed with the challenge of securing their items for shipping. Most industries use cardboard boxes to pack things. These need to be safely secured to make sure they don't shift or open during their transportation. If they're being shipped on a boat or train, they're likely being moved long distances. They could be exposed to friction, challenging weather conditions, careless handlers, and a range of other risks that could damage them. You want your product to arrive at its destination in the same condition you sent it.

To achieve this, groups of cardboard boxes are often strapped together and secured on pallets. These are also commonly referred to as skids. Strapping is also often called bundling or banding in the packaging industry. Pallets are a flat structure used to support goods when a crane or other machine is lifting them. It means boxes can be moved in bulk without risk of damage, and they make the process quick and efficient. Shipping containers are commonly placed on pallets. Strong strapping is used to secure them so that no items fall off or come loose during the journey. The aim is to secure, stabilise, combine boxes into one unit, reinforce or fasten the load.

Plastic strapping (made of polyester and polypropylene) is widespread and used more commonly than steel strapping. That's because you can achieve a higher strap tension with it. The material is cheaper than steel, and it also reduces the costs of shipping as it's light. It's safer to use (cutting steel straps can be dangerous), and it can be used on refrigerated or frozen loads because it won't rust.

Keep in mind that unless the items are strapped to the pallet correctly, a lot of things go wrong. The straps can loosen, leading to items falling off or becoming damaged during transit. Pallet strapping tools and machines are designed to make sure items are secured correctly. Things like shears, tensioners, and crimpers are usually used along with plastic or steel buckles to bind the load to the pallet.

They include:

  • Steel strapping coils, which are available in a range of weights and widths. They're a convenient and useful material used in the pallet strapping industry.
  • Strapping seals and buckles need to be high quality if you want to achieve a good level of packaging security. The standard dimension for metal seals is 12mm, and these are readily available. There are other size options, as well as a vast range of designs that are designated for different uses and businesses.
  • A heavy-duty tensioner is a 12mm hand pallet heavy-duty tensioner that's used with 12mm hand pallet strapping coils. It's advisable to use semi-open metal seals of the same dimension with the tensioner and the coils to ensure it's tensioned correctly.
  • A heavy-duty sealer tool is used extensively in the pallet strapping industry, for both manufacturing and smaller-scale businesses. They're available in a range of dimensions, although the 12mm size is the most popular. The ends of the sealers are coated with plastic to give the operator a more secure grip on the tool.
  • Safety cutters for steel strapping are used when the sealed and strapped item reaches its destination. It then needs to be unstrapped so the products can be removed from the pallet and distributed to the client. It's vital to use the correct cutters so that the straps can be cut quickly and safely. Bounce back of straps can cause injury if the process isn't performed correctly. Steel straps require unique cutters designed for this material.
  • A heavy duty strapping stand is needed when many products need to be strapped at once. The stands can carry the strapping coil and unwind them simultaneously. This combination makes it very quick and easy to use for workers on the floor and improves efficiency and productivity overall.

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