Life Insurance for Single Mothers

Every parent needs life insurance, but for single mothers, it takes on a whole new significance. While it's not pleasant to think about, if something happens to a single mom who doesn't have life insurance, her kids will have no financial safety net to get them through the hard times.

Of course, if you're a single mom, you probably don’t have much extra time, and the last thing you want to do is sit down and fill out a lengthy life insurance application. Moreover, the thought of taking a few hours to get a medical exam probably makes you cringe. Who has time to get to the doctor, wait in line and undergo a whole medical exam, including blood tests?

This is when no exam life insurance can be a lifesaver. No exam life insurance is exactly what it sounds like — life insurance that you can get without losing those precious few hours to a medical exam.

Benefits of No Exam Life Insurance
There are many benefits of no exam life insurance, in addition to letting you skip the medical exam. These include:

Fast approval: Because there's no exam, there's little underwriting involved in the approval process. This means approval takes much quicker. Instead of waiting for weeks or months, you can get an answer in days.

Easy approval: If you're a single mom who has health issues, no exam life insurance is really a great option. Because there's hardly any underwriting, you have a much higher chance of getting approved, even if you're not in the best health.

Entirely online: Since no medical exam is required, the entire life insurance application process can be done online. No hassle, no wasted time — just ensuring that your child has a safety net in a matter of minutes.

Why Doesn't Everyone Get No Exam Life Insurance?
If no exam life insurance is so great, why isn't everyone opting for it? There's really only one downside to no exam life insurance, and that is that premiums can be higher than traditional life insurance policies. This is because without a medical exam, underwriters have no way to assess your risk to the company. However, if you use a high-quality insurance aggregator, you may be surprised to see that the rates aren't too bad.

What's an Insurance Aggregator?

An insurance aggregator is something, in this case, a website, that scans the internet for policies that suit your unique needs and situation. Without an aggregator, you would need to go to different insurance websites and check rates individually. This is extremely tedious and time-consuming. An aggregator does all the work for you.

Sproutt is one such aggregator, and it scans the web for the best deals in a matter of minutes. When you're a single mom, this is yet another thrifty and efficient way to get the best deal on life insurance. Sproutt is also unique in that it has experienced insurance advisors to help you choose the best policy for you. If you’re a single mom, contact them today to see if no exam life insurance is the best option for you.

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