Items to pack at first when moving!!!

Finally, have you decided to relocate? If yes then this might be very exciting for you as you are moving to a new home. But this could become a very stressful experience if you don't pack the items in the right order in which they should be packed. Just imagine the scenario when you have to unpack the items because you need these items immediately. As per the best national moving companies, the wrong order of packing items will ruin your moving experience and you might not have a successful move at the right time.

If you have the right advice direct from professionals who have great experience in doing moving tasks then the process of packing will become easier for you. Check out the recommendations by professionals:

Before you start packing, prepare your belongings
During all the moving-related tasks, packing is the most complicated one and it requires the most time. If you don't prepare the items well for packing then you might not have a good packing experience. If you go wrong at the initial stage then higher are the chances that you will get further difficulty. Preparing items is as important as packing them.

Items which you should start packing 3 to 4 months before

Already stored items
The items which you are not using right now and already in storage should be packed at first. These are the items that are usually present in your garage or shed. Here one good news is that these kinds of items are already present in boxes, therefore, packing these items doesn't require much time. Before you start the process of packing, make an inventory of all the items and there are also items present which you have not used for a long time and higher are the chances that you will also not use these in future then this is just the suitable time to get rid of all items.

Usually, people forget packing of the items which are stored separately in storage and remember these at the last moment. This will make the entire moving process more hassled and complex for them.

Artwork, photo frames, and other decorative items
Some of the most difficult items to pack are the photo frames, wall hangings, and other fragile items because of the fragility and awkward shape of these items. Of course, decorations are the items that you won't need to use once you pack these. When doing lots of moving tasks, it is very easy to forget to take them down. Also when you do such tasks in hurry then higher the chances of damage of these items therefore, doing this ahead of time is a great idea.

When you live in a home for many years, it is very easy that you accumulate a lot of books which you don't use now. Getting rid of such books is good. Just keep one or two books that you will require before moving and pack the rest of the books. Also, if you have borrowed books from your friends or neighbors to read then this is just the perfect time to return all these books.

Out of season items
If you are moving in summer then start packing all the items which you use during the winter season. Of course, you are not going to wear these anytime soon. Pack all these clothes efficiently as much as you can because you have enough time to pack these.

China, kitchenware, and other rarely used kitchen items
During the moving process, you won't get time to invite anyone for dinner or to host a grand celebration for any function. This is the time when you will find yourself out of time and you won't even be able to find time for yourself. Therefore there are numerous numbers of china and other dishes that you won't use here in your current house and packing these is a good idea then. China and other such kitchen items require a good packing strategy and these are the items that will take a lot of your time as well as efforts to pack therefore packing these ahead of the time is a good option else you might end up damaging them if you try to pack these in hurry.

Extra towels, bed sheets, comforters, and so on
Keeping just a pair of everything is good for your survival, therefore, packing the additional and extra items is the right option for you. Washing these on the same day when using is also great so that there will be no items to wash.

Wrapping it all up!!!
Packing is a task which requires a lot of your time, therefore, start the job as soon as it is possible. Starting the process at least 3 months before is a good idea. If you start packing the above-listed items then it reduces the last-minute rush and also you will not forget anything to pack and will have an easier and successful move.

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