Is Getting a Roomba Worth the Investment?

They say living in a clean house will definitely have a positive impact on your mental health and overall attitude towards life. Having a pileup of errands to run during the day plus our daily workload can feel stressful, making cleaning an added mental burden. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford house cleaning services. That is when technology steps in with a Roomba, a robot vacuum cleaner. Owning one has become very popular lately, with people relying on Roombas for their cleaning. The device's development is set to continue, which is making it more expensive than ever.

To some people, it might seem lazy to out-source all your duties to a robot. Also, the price you have to pay to mop your floors may make you even more indecisive about buying a Roomba. This invention might be amazing, but it doesn't have to work for everyone. So is getting a Roomba really worth the investment? We've gathered the best points for and against the Roomba to help you answer that question! 

It Has Powerful Features 

Roombas do live up to their hype and offer many features that make cleaning much easier. The Roomba 960, for example, can be relied on to get rid of pet dander, hair, and accumulated dirt. The machine works really well on hardwood flooring and carpets. Some of the Roomba's models can easily get into corners and clean up dirt around furniture. We suggest you do your research to compare these models and figure out which one suits you best. A lot of improvements have taken place when it comes to this machine, so you will probably find the latest models to be the ones worth getting the most. Some models also have dirt sensors, so they give extra attention to certain spots. 

But It's Not a Magic Wand 

Yes, the Roomba does a great job at cleaning, but it's not really for all kinds of messes. This machine might still leave a few crumbs behind, and it will never be able to digest everything. Also, the machine still requires some maintenance from your side. You will need to do some work before you start the vacuum. Since it is not a hands-off process, the kind of prepping you will need to do includes emptying its dustbin. However, luckily for us, recent Roomba models have a self-emptying feature. 

Before running the machine, you'll need to clean the hair and dust off the machine's rollers. You will also need to ensure the room has nothing that the Roomba may get stuck on. Ensure that there are no electrical wires or toys in the way. 

When You Might Need a Roomba 

A number of reasons make buying a Roomba a smart move toward making your life easier. Here are a few: 

  • If you plan on using it only in common areas; areas not cluttered with things on the floor. For instance, you will need to avoid relying on this machine for bathroom and bedroom cleaning, since it is more likely to get stuck there. 
  • If you work on a daily basis and your schedule is too heavy, getting a Roomba will relieve you from the hassle of having to clean after a long day at work. You can schedule your cleaning through an app, which makes the process of dealing with the machine a breeze. 
  • If it fits your budget, you definitely won't regret the purchase. You don't always have to go for the self-emptying models and opt for more affordable ones. 
  • If you're a relatively neat person and won't rely on this fully, then get yourself a Roomba. 

When You Should Forgo Buying a Roomba 

  • If you're generally not a tidy person, a Roomba won't make much of a difference and you'll need a traditional vacuum along with it. 
  • If your rooms are too small, the Roomba is bound to have a hard time finding its way out.
  • If your pets aren't house trained, they'll probably end up ruining the machine. 
  • If you expect the machine to be smarter than you, the robot will get confused and might even confuse your long scarves and curtains with normal debris. Everything has to be cleared before running the machine. 

No one enjoys the hassle of vacuuming, and these machines are a worthwhile venture. It surely feels great to walk into a house that's ready to be mopped by a robot, but if it doesn't work for you, there's no need to spend money. Make sure you set your expectations before taking the step of getting yourself a Roomba. It's worth it if you're ready for it.

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