Is Becoming A Real Estate Agent Right For You?

There are a lot of people who are attracted to the idea of working as a real estate agent. Helping people find and purchase the properties that meet their needs, or getting the best deal for a client selling their property is certainly a glamorous and enticing job. Before you start putting the work in to get it, however, it's a good idea to ensure that the role is really for you.

You're willing to study
Becoming a real estate agent isn't something you can just suddenly decide to do. It requires real learning on your part. In particular, before you can earn your license, you're likely to have to take a pre-licensing course, which can last a set, determined length of time before you're eligible to be licensed. If you want to become a realtor, beyond that, then you have to earn the approval of the official association for realtors, as well.

You like the job outlook
One of the major things that attracts people to real estate is the promise of a lucrative career. Indeed, it can pay very well, but it's important to know what to expect, especially when you first start coming into the job. Research “how much does a real estate agent make” to ensure that you're aware of what you're likely to earn. After all, most real estate agents do not earn a salary, but make money on commission, so the better you are able to see deals through, the more that you can make. You also have to be able to work with the whims of the market, to take advantage of surges of buyers when they come, but to understand that the housing market can have lean years, too.

You're a people person
A career as a real estate agent is a sales career, and like any sales career, it requires that you're able to work well with people. This doesn't mean that you have to bend over backward to please every client. What it means is that you are able to understand their needs, wants, and concerns, and to advocate enthusiastically for them. Of course, being a good real estate agent also means developing negotiation skills, to make sure that you're able to get the right deal for your client, whether they are buying or selling a property.

You understand it's not just wheeling and dealing
Finding properties, showing people around them, and negotiating on your clients' behalf is not all that a real estate agent does. That might be the most exciting part of the job, but there are plenty of duties that are a little more pedestrian that you will be expected to take on. This includes a lot of admin work, such as filing and submitting documents, organizing appointments and meetings, and developing marketing plans and budgets for the properties you're working with.

If real estate agency is, indeed, for you, then start researching the steps to earn your license. Otherwise, you can take your passion for property and find other roles that might better suit you, too.

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