5 Investment Worthy Industries in 2017

The key to making good investments in any year is to watch the industries that are poised to make explosive gains. This, of course, is correlated with the potential for growth; as a result, the fastest-growing industries are a good place to begin your research. What services are on the horizon? New companies will spring up – or tailor their pre existing services – to meet the demand.

This also goes for auxiliary services. If, for example, it appears that a lot of money is being poured into infrastructure, then you know that construction will see a rise in demand – and companies that deal in hydraulic shoring jacks and updated excavation tools will likely reap benefits as will their stockholders and investors. What follows are a handful of other potential beneficiaries as 2017 draws to a close.

1. The Call For Green Energy Grows Louder
As fossil fuels dry up – even with new technology making it economically viable to obtain more from oil wells thought to be dried-up – green energy is taking an even stronger foothold in the public consciousness. In fact, according to the Bureau of Labor & Statistics, technicians for wind turbines are expected to be in demand for the next decade. The same goes for technicians in the solar photovoltaics sub-industry. It could be worthwhile to take a look at publicly-traded companies in involved in these processes.

2. Telepresence Technologies
This includes Voice-over-IP and Internet Video technology. VoIP services, in particular, are growing explosively as businesses all over the world add it to their suite of in-office tools. It's proven to be very cost-effective for business over the past few years since its inception, and since it doesn't require technical expertise to use and service, is attractive from a service and maintenance perspective. The high degree of competition between VoIP providers also contributes to its affordability – it's the free market at work, basically.

3. Companies Dealing With Automation
With the coming storm of artificial intelligence, companies that specialize in automation products/services may see a rise in interest from investors. Automation is an aspect of AI that will remain dependent on just how much of an effect the latter has on everyday services. This includes self-driving cars, various home-based aids such as Amazon's Echo and Apple's Siri, and even metal stamping services in construction and manufacturing – as seen here: https://www.weiss-aug.com/metal-stamping/. Industries that are connected to or use such services can serve as a benchmark for stock performance.

4. The Virtual Reality Revolution
The HTC Vive and Oculus Rift was on virtually every gamer's wishlist for months before their release – years, in some cases. Between 2016 and 2017, billions of dollars have been spent by consumers on these toys – with projections showing they won't be slowing down anytime soon. Look for video game outfits that are actively pursuing VR game building, as well as auxiliary industries that exist somewhere along the pipeline of bringing the technology to market.

5. Healthcare Is Seeing Growth
This isn't merely due to new technologies, but also to a very infrequent occurrence: the baby boomer generation is aging, and will be needing in-home healthcare in the coming decade. This will increase the demand for such services, which always opens the floodgates for employment and companies that oversee this. Many of these services will likely be based in the home, so it's worth giving companies that specialize in this a closer look as part of an investment strategy.

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