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Investing your personal money is a little different to your business income. Your personal income needs to go into long term investments which can pay out down the line or support you during retirement. While business investment can be short term and potentially improve your business. A lot more business owners are investing their spare business cash. Banks don't pay the interest that they used to and if the current business is running really well it might not need complete reinvestment like it would have at its inception. Here are some top business investment ideas which can garner extra income and support your business. Some are external factors, and others are off centre internal business investments. They may not suit yoru current situation, or you may already have tried them, but they'll at least give you something to think about.

Short Term Cash Bump
If you've got a high liquidity and a chunk of spare cash, it might be worth using it as leverage for some of the more common investment methods. Businesses chane fast, though. Just look at how many went under during the pandemic due to lack of liquidity. Whatever you buy, as to be able to be sold. You can consider precious metals because they can be flipped as soon as the price bumps. They're also a good bet as a hedge against inflation. Short term bonds are also a great short term investment. Just look at your business and make sure you won't need the cash because if you pull it out too fast you'll lose the interest you've gained.

Invest In Growth Areas
Finding growth areas which are particular to your own business can be really beneficial to your business growth. It's an investment because it's going to pay back over time, and may even raise the value of your business. For example, buying an Amazon brand which you can piggy back off might give you established and ranked products which supplement your own. It might even garner far more sales if you can sell existing products on a new platform. It might be that you offer long range logistical services, for example. In this case, investing in autonomous technology means you're investing in your future and a growth area. Target investment which will, in time, naturally make things better for your business.

Invest In Other Distribution Methods
If you can get your products out to more places via differing means, you'll increase your brand awareness and ensure your future is more secure. There are multiple ways to do this, all which require some investment. It might be that you approach an established subscription box business and ask if you can include some of your products. Pack a little leaflet in with it and you'll drive traffic to your website or selling platform. It might be that you want to approach shops and try to get your products sold out of them, especially now that Covid is looking to die down. Other distribution methods are a brilliant investment for your business, while not directly investing in current operations. 

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