9 Industries That Offer Lucrative Investment Opportunities

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Planning a smart investment strategy often requires that you have a little bit of insight and a lot of strong intuition about what may happen in the future with the world’s financial market. Instead of blindly making guesses about which industries may be hot in the next few years, you can predict the trends by looking at emerging technology across sectors. Today’s breakthroughs are often precursors to tomorrow’s successes. Here are nine top developing industries that could offer investors great returns in the future.

1. Drone Technology

Drone technology has suddenly caught on in the consumer and business markets. Expect to see this technology expand even more and be used for many different other tasks. Today, drones are popular for a variety of jobs, such as taking real estate photographs, filming movie scenes, and monitoring weather conditions. In the future, drones will become cheaper and more commonplace. It’s smart to consider putting your investment dollars into a drone development company to get on top of the potential earnings in the next decade.

2. Elder Care

The next industry investors are excited about in the financial world is elder care. As healthcare and disease management improve, more people are living longer lives. This growing population of elderly people hasn’t been met with enough facilities able to address senior health and interests. Most experts predict that more elder care companies will work to meet the needs of seniors around the world. For investors, that means looking at new and upcoming companies that focus on senior living, elderly healthcare, and communities for retired individuals.

3. Translation Services

The internet and digital media have made the world’s population more closely connected. Despite this connection, there are things still keeping everyone from being able to communicate together and work better, such as a language difference. Translation services are striving to meet this need, and technology is working to create instant interpretation services that help people understand messages from around the world. If you are looking for a growing industry to add to your investment portfolio, this may be it.

4. Gaming

Ever since the creation of video games decades ago, the industry has been constantly changing and growing. Video games don't look like they're going to slow down anytime soon, and they continue to expand and evolve. More gaming opportunities are being developed that go beyond the traditional console. The world’s developing nations are also seen as a large resource of potential customers as video game developers look for new ways to spread the fun.

5. Renewable Energy

The world also has only scratched the surface of creating sources for renewable energy. As the globe’s population increases, the demand for cheap and clean energy will continue to skyrocket. More companies may look to technology and innovation to find additional sources and ways to harness this energy. Investors should pay careful attention to new developments in sustainability and renewable energy sources to plan for a bright future.

6. Marijuana

Another trend that could impact your financial portfolio’s success has to do with marijuana. As more places around the world take another look at this substance and consider legalization, more opportunities for investment are created. Marijuana investment is truly at the beginning stages of its potential, with possible medical marijuana opportunities and more.

7. Shipping

The new global community also benefits from more advanced shipping and transport solutions. New companies and some international corporations are working to expand their services of bringing products to citizens around the world. Investors can jump on and add some of these companies, such as Turkey’s Abu Sahiy led by shareholders like Timur Tillyaev, to their portfolios if they’re looking for a great way to increase their dividends and future income.

8. Cyber Security

Cyber security is another sector that should grow exponentially in the future. The quest to keep individual and corporate data private and protected continues to be a challenge as hackers get more creative every day. The industry has to constantly evolve to keep up with the changing scene of cybersecurity. Investors can take advantage of this fact and place their money into developing cyber security firms and technology. More people will start to see the benefit of these services, leading to huge growth.

9. 3D Printing

The last industry that could potentially make investors rich is 3D printing. Right now, 3D printing is showing its potential in a handful of sectors, such as manufacturing and healthcare. As 3D printers become cheaper and materials become more widely available, most people expect to see this type of service expand exponentially. Its convenience and cost-effectiveness make it an ideal tool for almost any type of business. This translates into profits if you’ve picked the right 3D printing company to invest in.    

Planning out your investment strategy requires some foresight into what’s going to happen in the world with technology and industry. Look to these emerging sectors to give yourself some advance notice about where you could make the most out of your investment dollars. 

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