A Quick Summary of Financial Gurus in 2020

Most people understand the essentials of finance. We know that we should pay our debts on time, try to save for emergencies, and be responsible with our money. We understand there are consequences to spending our rent money on sites like Sbobet.

But beyond the basics, finance can become confusing. It's difficult to know how to go forward when you're drowning in debt. It can also be hard to choose the right way to invest money when you're on more stable ground financially.

In either case, finding the right advisor will provide you with both practical advice and the motivation necessary to get back on track and stay on track. Our list of the top financial gurus in 2020 will provide you with inspiration as well as concrete advice to improve your financial situation.

Tiffany Aliche: The Budgetnista

If you battle with balancing your budget, Tiffany Aliche can help. She gives practical advice on managing your money better so that you can achieve your financial goals. Her “Live Richer Challenge” is a great motivational tool to help you improve your financial situation almost effortlessly.

While the challenge is explicitly aimed at women, men can benefit from the tips as well. Her core approach is simple – small changes can lead to big rewards. She teaches people to change their money mindsets and then start building an asset base.

Chris Browning: Popcorn Finance

Chris Browning hosts the popular “Popcorn Finance” podcast. The podcasts are short and packed with practical tips for people on the go.

Browning is a qualified analyst and centers his advice on proper financial planning. His information will help you make better financial decisions for the future.

Rianka R. Dorsainvil: 2050 Wealth Partners

Rianka Dorsainvil helped found the firm 2050 Wealth Partners. This firm offers financial planning services for people between the ages of 20 and 50. Their target market consists of individuals focused on building their wealth.

This advice is a paid service, but its blog offers a good deal of useful information. The “2050 TrailBlazers” podcast makes for an enjoyable listen.

Rich Jones and Marcus Garrett: Paychecks & Balances

Paychecks & Balances is a podcast hosted by Rich Jones and Marcus Garrett. The podcast aims to help people in their 20s and 30s demolish their debt and build wealth. However, their advice also applies to other age groups.

This podcast is an excellent place to start if you're in debt and unsure how to get out of it.

Lynnette Khalfani-Cox: The Money Coach

Lynette Khalfani-Cox works on the principle that financial freedom ultimately means being debt-free. She's written many books and focuses on teaching people how to manage their money more effectively, with a focus on paying down debt.

Additional Resources

Most financial experts recommend keeping a budget to see where your money is going. These apps make budgeting easy.

Personal Capital


This app is free on the app store and is aimed at those wanting to understand where their money goes every month. You link in your bank accounts to make expense tracking simple. The app makes allowances for personal savings goals and retirement planning.

You Need a Budget


Another app on the app store, You Need a Budget allows you to link your bank accounts and even assign every dollar coming in or going out toward a particular function. If you want to be in control down to the last cent, this is a great place to start.

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