Internet Speed: The Key Ingredient For Remote Work Success

It's no surprise that remote working has become so popular in recent years. After all, workers clearly love it, and you see why — it's much easier to love your work when you're not dealing with long commutes and all the other annoying aspects of in-office work life. And bosses, who get a happier workforce without any reduction in productivity, are also supportive of the move towards at-home working.

But that doesn't mean that remote work is always successful. To work effectively, workers must have a stable and fast internet connection, and that's not always guaranteed. While the internet is available across the country, fast internet isn't everywhere. Or rather, it's less common in certain states. If you're thinking of taking full advantage of your ability to live and work wherever you please, then it'll be better to focus on some states more than others.

Maryland, Virginia, and Delaware all have fast internet on average. Alaska, Idaho, and Montana are among the states with the slowest internet speeds. Of course, not everyone needs to have a super quick internet connection. If you just need to send a few emails, then it needn't be a big concern. But if your work involves complex tasks that are internet-intensive, then you'll need to ensure that your connection is fast, solid, and robust. Your productivity will depend on it; plus, you'll lose many of the benefits of working remotely if you're continually annoyed at your internet speed.

Check out the below infographic to see which states have the fastest/slowest internet.

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