How To Reduce Cart Abandonment On Your Business Website

It is common and somewhat frustrating to retailers when customers express interest in their products but fail to complete the purchase. According to a recent study, approximately 70% of online shopping carts are abandoned. This means that for every 100 potential buyers, only 30 proceed to the final checkpoint. The numbers are alarming, and fortunately, you can do a few things to reduce shopping abandonment and boost your business sales.

1. Clearer call to action

Call to Action (CTA) is a crucial component of web pages as it serves as a sign to direct user action. Without one, site users may struggle to know how to complete purchases or sign up for a newsletter. Unfortunately, they will likely leave your site without completing their intended tasks. To prevent this, make the steps clearer and prompt them once users have successfully added items to the carts. Although you can take the subtle approach, it would be best if you were clearer. An excellent CTA will inform shoppers what to do from the beginning until they complete the shopping. 

2. Multiple delivery options
Shipping prices and times are key determinants of a customer's purchase decision. It is a major reason why most shoppers leave after reaching the checkout. For instance, many websites don’t display shipping or delivery charges until the last step during checkout. Unfortunately, you only deter customers from completing a purchase, especially when they have added items they want, only to be shown high delivery or shipping fees later. Therefore, in this case, variety is essential. One shopper may prefer low or free delivery, while another would prioritize convenience and speed regardless of the charges. So consider offering multiple delivery options to cater to each customer. 

3. Employ exit-intent popups
Exit-intent popups can be your last defense for preventing cart abandonment. You can use them to lure customers when you realize they are about to exit your website. For instance, you can trigger your exit-intent popups to offer a one-of-a-kind deal when a customer hovers to a new tab or attempts to close the current page. Using exit-intent popups on each webpage can significantly reduce abandonment of your online shop and boost your sales. Consider adding them to product and checkout pages with incentives like coupons, discounts, or extra information. 

4. Monitor abandonment rates
Tracking your abandonment rate can help you identify customer behavior changes or patterns. Tools like Google Analytics boast features that allow retailers to analyze web pages to understand why and where users drop out and variations in their behaviors across browsers and devices. This way, you can understand the reason behind the abandonment rates and put out the right solutions to fix and improve your conversions. 

5. Use a thumbnail to show cart items
Customers may abandon a cart when they lose sight of the items. So it would be best to display thumbnails of every item the user adds to the cart until the last checkout. This can be useful in preventing one of the common things that affect most shoppers – distraction. A recent study suggests that most ecommerce websites have adopted this thumbnail strategy. Displaying thumbnails has also been shown to play a pivotal role in enhancing the overall website user experience. 

6. Offer multiple payment options
Today's customers prefer variety, and multiple payment options can help you make a sale or direct customers elsewhere. Credit and debit card payments remain popular, but various alternatives have emerged in the last few years. Additionally, payment behaviors vary among markets. However, aside from offering multiple payment options, ensure to use those that make checkout quicker and easier for your customers. This is even more important if you have customers overseas. It would be best to use international payment processing merchants to accept payments from major international currencies. 

7. Enhance page loading times

According to a study, you have 10-20 seconds to convince a customer to stay on your webpage. Offering clearer value prepositions can hold a user's attention for longer. Your website speed plays a pivotal role, so it would be best to understand your current speed, the factors causing it to slow down, and how you can improve them. Generally, using dedicated ecommerce hosting can significantly improve your website speed and overall performance. This can boost customer satisfaction and cause them to stay long enough to complete their purchase. 

Cart abandonment is a common occurrence, especially in e-commerce. Aside from these tips, sending SMS or cart abandonment emails to woo your customers back can be useful.

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