How to Make Your Business Handicap Accessible

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Ensuring that your business is inclusive and accessible to individuals with disabilities is not only a legal requirement in many countries but also a moral responsibility. By taking steps to accommodate people with disabilities, you create an environment that welcomes and serves everyone.

By making your business handicap accessible, you open doors to a broader customer base and send a powerful message of inclusivity, empathy, and respect. There are numerous ways to ensure that your business accommodates the diverse needs of individuals with disabilities. Consider taking the following steps to make your business handicap accessible.

Understand Accessibility Regulations

The first step in making your business handicap accessible is to familiarize yourself with the accessibility regulations and guidelines applicable in your country or region. These laws typically cover parking, entrances, pathways, restrooms, and service counters. In the US, businesses are required to follow the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990. On the other hand, in Canada, the Accessible Canada Act is landmark federal legislation to create a barrier-free Canada by 2040.

The requirements for accessibility can vary depending on your location and the laws in place, so it’s essential to understand accessibility regulations to make your business handicap accessible. Educating yourself about these requirements will help you make informed decisions while planning modifications.

Improve Physical Accessibility

Once you understand accessibility regulations and ADA guidelines, take the following measures to improve physical accessibility at your facility.

  • Parking: Designate accessible parking spaces near the entrance, ensuring they are wide enough to accommodate wheelchair ramps and have proper signage.
  • Entrances: Ensure that your entrance is easily accessible by removing any barriers like steps or narrow doorways. Consider installing ramps or wheelchair lifts to provide a smooth entry.
  • Pathways: Keep pathways clear of obstacles and ensure they are wide enough for wheelchair users to navigate comfortably. Install tactile warning strips for people with visual impairments.
  • Restrooms: Make sure your restrooms are handicap accessible by widening doors, installing grab bars, and providing adequate maneuverable space. Consider providing accessible features such as lower sinks and automatic faucets. For businesses that offer a complete bathroom service, such as a hotel, it’s important to prioritize shower accessibility. You can choose from the range of products offered by Freedom Showers ADA stalls based on your facility requirements. Purchasing your products from a reputable brand will ensure you have access to products created with ADA guidelines in mind.
  • Service Counters: Lower the height of service counters to accommodate wheelchair users. Provide accessible options for payment terminals and ensure that employees are trained to provide assistance when needed.

Provide Clear Signage

Install clear and visible signage throughout your business premises to help people with disabilities navigate easily. Use large, high-contrast fonts and Braille signs for individuals with visual impairments. Signage should include directions to accessible entrances, restrooms, elevators, and emergency exits.

Train Your Staff

Educate your employees about disability etiquette, promote disability awareness, and offer sensitivity training. Teach them about accessible features in your business and ensure they are comfortable operating equipment such as wheelchair lifts or hearing assistance devices. Encourage a respectful and inclusive attitude among your staff members.

Seek Feedback and Continuous Improvement

Regularly seek feedback from customers with disabilities to understand their experiences and identify areas for improvement. Actively listen to their suggestions and make necessary modifications to enhance accessibility. Creating a feedback mechanism such as comment cards, online surveys, or a dedicated email address can help gather valuable insights.

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