How To Improve Your Workplace Hospitality

Your workplace is a place for people, first and foremost. You and your colleagues can spend eight hours per day or more in the workplace, and during that time, you need to be able to get things done as efficiently as possible. The way the workspace is designed and run is absolutely crucial to the wellbeing of everyone who works there.

One thing that many workplaces need to improve is their hospitality towards guests. Often, people become too comfortable with their surroundings, and forget how the place might appear to somebody brand new. Excellent hospitality in the workplace is absolutely essential when you are meeting with clients or customers who will be taking every last detail into account.

Let's take a look at three easy ways to improve your workplace hospitality.

1. Keep the place spotlessly clean at all times.

When you invite somebody into your home, you probably go around and do a little cleaning before they arrive. Well, your workplace is no different! Although it probably isn't you who's doing the cleaning, but rather a professional cleaner whose expertise will make the place look amazing, the point still stands: you need to keep your workplace clean in order to improve hospitality. 

Your clients or potential new customers don't want to be faced with a messy or dirty place when they arrive, especially during the pandemic, in which cleanliness has become more important than ever.

2. Hire an experienced receptionist.

Your receptionist is the first face a new guest will meet when they walk through the door. Not only must this person be well presented and well organised, but they need to be friendly and personable, too. Your receptionist should know when and where the meeting is happening, and should be on hand to answer any queries the guest may have. They will put your guest in a good mood and give them a great first impression of your workplace when they arrive.

In order to achieve this seamless arrival, you should hire an experienced receptionist who has great references and knows how to turn on the charm when they need to!

3. Go above and beyond the call of duty to provide a memorable experience.

Most workplaces have a standard routine when it comes to welcoming guests, such as investors or clients, into the building. They usually set up a meeting room, provide bottled water, and keep things simple. This is a fine way to do things, but it won't produce the “wow” factor you might want.

To truly make a great impression, you should go above and beyond the call of duty. You could:

  • Order refreshments, such as fresh pastries, for a morning meeting;
  • Hire catering staff to provide coffee and tea on request;
  • Put fresh flowers or foliage in the meeting room to brighten the place up;

And generally make sure you are putting across the company's best side when you invite a guest into the space. Click the link for more ideas on how to make your workplace stand out.

In conclusion, improving your workplace's hospitality can be as simple as A, B, C with the right preparation and attitude!

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