How to Find the Right Talent For Your Growing Company

Few things in life are more exciting than seeing your company getting to that next level and a strong, dedicated team is going to be the cornerstone of your continued success going forward. So, how do you get those A-list employees you've been dreaming about?

Thankfully, there's many ways to do just that and here's a few guaranteed ways to keep your company on the growth path it's worked so hard to get on.   

Hire A Recruiter

Depending on the needs of your business, this might be a contracted employee or someone you want to keep on full time. Regardless, having someone do some of the lifting when it comes to hiring is a great way for you to know the work is still being done while you can focus elsewhere.

Your recruiter can be a first stop when potential employees are applying and on the other end, they can allocate time to use talent acquisition software which can help them find resumes already online and bring candidates in for an initial interview. 

Given a candidate seems like a good fit after they talked to the recruiter, you'll be able to do the second interview so you know who you are hiring and that they are the best fit for the position. 

Boast About Your Benefits 

Now more than ever, people are looking for more than their paycheck when it comes to choosing a new employer. If you offer something that others don't, be loud about it. Also remember, benefits go beyond 401K and health insurance. 

If you offer something like pet insurance, or an onsite gym, mention it in the job posting. People aren't always looking for those 2 options in particular, and those 2 aren't always possible but having something to offer that other employers don't is a certain way to make sure that you have the best of the best wanting to work for you.

Dedicate Time Online

Some of us love it and others keep far from social media. Regardless of what that looks like in your personal life, don't overlook all the power it has professionally. People are going to be more excited at the thought of applying for a company they are already familiar with. 

You can familiarize the public through advertisements regarding hiring but also have active social media pages for your company so those interested can have an idea of what it's like working for you.

Your company can start blogs, do employee video interviews about why they love working where they do, and show off the culture through active social media feeds. 

Look For Potential 

Understand that as your company is growing, so are the people that may be applying. If someone isn't the most qualified for the position but they have the right personality and are more eager to learn than anyone one you've interviewed, don't lose out on who this person can be for your business in a few years.

Everyone spends a lot of time with their coworkers, so the right choice for long term success might not be the one who is most impressive at first glance but the one who will work best in a team and be the most open to development. 

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