How to Create and Host an Online Masterclass

If you're looking to get into the online course entrepreneurship world, teaching master classes might be a way to make a little more of a profit than even regular course teaching. If you're unfamiliar with master classes, these tend to be shorter session courses focused on specific specialties. If you're an expert or professional at a certain craft, you can set up an online master class to reach your intended audience.

Expectations For Master Classes

How much of an expert do you have to be to teach a master class? Well, you don't have to be Tiger Woods in order to teach a golf master class. However, you're usually not going to be teaching the beginning basics of a golfer or a musician. You want to be able to show someone beyond the basics of a skill and take them to a high level of finesse in it.

Challenges For Teaching Master Classes Online

The gist of teaching a master class online is basically the same as teaching online courses, but you need to have certain considerations in mind when you do so. Traditionally, master classes in person have large audiences, but also have a lot of hands-on one-on-one mentoring clinics as part of them. It often is better if you can have live sessions with multi-person video calling software to make your master class more personal for your audience. That's not to say there can't be some elements of it that are better left as pre-recorded or non-video content. But remember, you are teaching more of a one-time course as opposed to an ongoing one.

The Appropriate Length Of Time For A Master Class

Does a master class have to be a one-time live session exclusively? Not necessarily since teaching online does allow you to add some additional information and material that you may not be able to present the same way in person. But most people will be taking the class with the understanding that they won't need to commit days or weeks to getting the material. For those reasons, it's best to limit your master class to a timeframe of only one or two days.

Pricing Your Master Class

Should you charge a high premium for your master class? Or should you keep the price of admission relatively cheap for everyone? You need to factor in which demographics you're targeting, and the quality of the material you're presenting. High school or college student audiences aren't going to be able to afford high priced classes, but middle aged business professionals are usually willing to pay premiums for premium content. Consider using pricing software to find a perfect pitch point.

The bottom line is a master class is meant to offer something most people wouldn't know as it relates to a profession. To teach a master class online effectively, you will want to invest in high quality video streaming equipment and use a professional environment so that your audience takes you seriously. But if you're able to meet your audience's needs, you can make some great money without needing to do extensive traveling.

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