How Safe Is The Gig Economy From Automation?

Over the past few years, automation has proven highly beneficial across different industries. From lowered business operating costs to reducing production time, enhancing productivity, and improving overall product/service quality, the list of benefits that companies get from automation is literally endless. It is undoubtedly among the best innovations of the 21st century!

Of course, there are many different kinds of automation, from fixed to programmable and flexible automation. Artificial intelligence and machine learning are taking up pace pretty fast, and the freelancing economy can't help but wonder what the future holds. But how safe exactly is the gig economy from automation?

The Gig Economy 

The gig economy is often touted as the big alternative to traditional work. It encourages freelancing among young workers as well as people with little preference for full-time jobs. As we speak, automation has already posed a huge threat to the working economy, allowing many companies to spend less on their labor costs without affecting productivity and ROI.

Nonetheless, freelancers have questions lingering in their minds. Are they safer from automation technology either? Is it the truck drivers who should be afraid of autonomous vehicles? Or perhaps freelance accounting specialists should be more afraid of payroll automation? Let's take a brief look at some of the most likely fields to be affected by automation, and what the odds are.

1) Copywriting

Copywriters are researchers and writers capable of creating great promotional and marketing texts in the best language an audience can understand. In most cases, copywriters use already-existing text, facts, and materials while doing so. With the arrival of AI-assisted writing, freelance copywriters have a reason to start thinking ahead and working smarter.

However, our consumption of written information will not end anytime soon. According to's Michael Metcalf's 2019 article, that technology will augment copywriting rather than replace it. With the numerous variables in place, we can say that gig economy freelancers are moderately safe over the coming years. Only time will tell.

2) Graphic Design 

Professionals in the graphic design world have also been threatened by AI and other automation technologies, especially freelancers. From Adobe to Autodesk, site builders like Squarespace, and even streaming service providers like Netflix, many companies have employed artificial intelligence in bettering their design processes.

With AI tools like; images, animations, and expressions that were previously impossible to create could be done in a flash soon. But that shouldn't spell doom to graphic designers in the gig economy world according to Iowa State University's Economics Department. As long as you are creative and embrace tech improvement,

3) Accounting /Tax preparation

With software programs like Pastel, Sage, and QuickBooks having been around for quite some time, automation is nothing new in the world of accounting and tax preparation. As an independent contractor, all you need is a reliable online paystub maker to ease your worries when it comes to salary payment. They help make accounting and tax preparation tasks a breeze even to freelancers and self-employed individuals. Apart from having proof of income, you can also keep better track of taxes, deductions, and all wage information.  

4) Paralegal Research

Paralegal work is also increasingly receiving an impact from automation technology. Alongside AI, automation has made it possible for paralegals to have more free time as it helps reduce routine manual tasks and streamline workflows. Nonetheless, these technologies are yet to find a solution for paralegal research aspects like interviews where emotional intelligence is necessary. If you work as a freelance paralegal researcher, embracing automation can be a wise move to improve your job security.

In conclusion, automation and AI will give workers and prospects in most if not all industries a run for their money. Whether or not the gig economy is safe from automated technology will depend on various factors. For instance, it depends on your skills, where you work, the types of clients you deal with, and the relationships you build. With so many automation software and technology tools out there, choosing the ideal ones to use can give you a huge boost.

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