How Rats Can Damage Your Home or Business

A rat infestation is the last thing anybody wants to discover on their property, whether at home or work. Despite this, some people believe that rats aren't a big deal or will go away by themselves. Unfortunately, this isn't the case, as they can pose an enormous threat.

To illustrate this better, we have listed several ways rats can prove problematic for your home or business. By the end, you'll understand better why they should never be ignored. Let's get into it.

Chew Through Anything

Nothing will have you searching for the ‘best rat poison in the UK‘ faster than discovering your new inhabitants have chewed through your favorite piece of furniture. It isn't just your upholstery that's in danger, either. Your electrical appliances and the structure of your home are both under threat from these gnawing pests. If you don't act quickly, the damage could swiftly get out of control.

May Damage Your Insulation

We really meant it when we said rats can chew through anything. Insulation material, in particular, isn't safe from rats as they often use it to build their nests. This is terrible news for any home or business looking to reduce their energy bills, as a lack of insulation will have you trying to heat a property that can't hold onto any heat.

Live Inside Your Electrical Appliances

This might sound like a bizarre exaggeration, but it's true. Rats have been known to gnaw through wires (and even aluminum sheeting) to live inside large electrical appliances. This is problematic for many reasons, the first being the risk of electrical fires. The second is the expensive damage they can cause to your property. It's essential to keep a keen eye on the condition of your appliances to avoid this outcome.

May Destroy Sentimental Items

Your home is undoubtedly filled with numerous sentimental possessions: photos, clothing, or other vital documents. Rats will gnaw and chew their way through anything they can get their teeth into, and they certainly don't care about sentimentality. If left to their own devices, they could cause significant harm to your prized hat collection or family photos. This is especially true given that many of these sentimental items are kept in attics or similarly ‘hidden' spaces, which rats are naturally drawn to.

Urine and Droppings – Everywhere

Finally, but arguably one of the worst aspects of suffering a rat infestation is the little donations they leave along the way. No matter whether in your personal home or small business, nobody wants the scent or sight of urine and droppings on their property. Besides being unpleasant, they also run the risk of transferring disease.

Don't Ignore the Problem

If you suspect you may have a rat infestation, it's time to act quickly. Rats are more than just unwelcome guests; they can cause significant damage to your home's structure, your possessions, and the health of anyone on the property. Don't expect the problem to disappear on its own – act swiftly!

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