How does group health insurance reduce insurance costs?

If you are a small company and looking to implement a health insurance plan for your business, a group package is a cost-efficient alternative that small businesses have.  The following will address what a group health insurance is, exactly how the costs are reduced and the benefits.

What is group health insurance?

A group health insurance plan is a plan dedicated to helping businesses provide affordable healthcare to their employees. This is usually reserved for small companies, ranging from employee numbers from 2 to 50. Anything more than that may no longer be considered a small company.

A group health insurance plan is a money-saving option compared to individual health insurance. This can be done because, in a group health insurance plan, the cost of the plan is spread across the insurable parties. The more employees that are insured, the lower the cost per person. These group plans are easily more affordable than individual healthcare plans for the simple fact that the more people included in the plan means the more people are paying into the premium and decreasing the cost per person. This also means that when something were to happen that needs coverage, more people are contributing to the overall cost of those bills and the insurance company doesn’t have to pay as much. This translates to the simple fact that the more people you have included in the group health insurance, each individual pays a lower amount.

There are many benefits to owning and paying for group health insurance. As a small company, you will see that this translates to the costs and growth of your business. Some of the benefits of owning group health insurance are highlighted with these reasons below.

Prioritizing Employee Wellbeing and Mindfulness

By committing to a group health insurance, you are telling your employees that they are cared for, that their well being is a priority for your company. Employees that have to worry about their health or the health of their family members can have detrimental effects on their performance while on the job.  This will give them peace of mind and help them focus on work duties when they are on the job knowing that their health concerns are covered. This will encourage employees to come into work feeling ready and prepared and confident in the company that gives importance to their needs.

Quality and Longevity of Employees

Incorporating and promoting a group healthcare plan will typically contribute positively to the growth of your company through quality and longevity. This means that the healthcare plan acts as an incentive to bring in new hires that have higher qualifications and stronger skillsets and additionally means that these employees are more likely to stay with a company that has things in place that they value and considers their well being. Retaining employees, especially in important roles for a company, are integral for sustaining growth especially in smaller businesses. Losing employees to other brands and companies erase any progress made and forces you to start over with new personnel, retraining and developing them.

Workplace Health

Having a health care plan for your company as a whole promotes a safer and healthier workplace. This is the result of job security and coverage, meaning that if your employees need to take medical leave, they can do so understanding their job is not in jeopardy and that they do not have to incur such expensive measures on their own. Your employees are more likely to take the time they need if they are sick, and not come into work when they shouldn’t be. This will promote better work attendance and those that do need time off will help them come back to work faster. This translates your workplace to being safer for overall health and keeps your workforce productive and coming in.


There are many reasons that businesses should consider a group health insurance plan. They may be hesitant at first as it appears to be more expenses that may not have easily identifiable returns on such an investment. Despite the fact that this can have a positive outcome for the growth of a company, business owners will also save more on it with tax deductibles and write-offs as a company expense.

If you are a small company or business, you need to be taking a look into group health insurance. These plans can act as incentives to new and current employees, not only saving money on the plans themselves but important to the growth of any company, including smaller businesses.

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