Is Setting up a Home Office a Good Idea?

We all know that freelancing is on the rise in the UK, but few of us recognise the incredible influence that this is having on the economy. Not only is it challenging the prevalent method of working in the UK, for example, but it's also encouraging businesses to embrace concepts like flexi-time and create more favourable conditions for their employees.

According to a report by OddsMonkey, flexi-time has increased by 12.35% since 2012, while the number of people working remotely has risen by nearly a quarter of a million (241,000) over the last decade.

As a result, it's thought that half of the UK workforce will operate remotely by 2020. Many of these people may well be considering investing in a home office space, and in this post we'll ask whether or not this represents a good idea?

Investing in a Home Office Space – Is it a Good Idea?
In general terms, investing in the development of a home office space makes perfect commercial sense for those working from home.

After all, this creates a dedicated space in which you can work, while helping you to organise your activities and create a distinction between your professional and personal lives.

However, there are some practical considerations that will also determine whether or not building a home office represents a good investment. One of these is the size of your home, as it may not be possible to install an office in a compact new-build without compromising on the value or the overall functionality of the property.

Similarly, you may not have the available budget to install a home office, at least to the standards that you require. In this instance, you may be better served by working in a makeshift space when starting out, before developing your office space gradually and as your budget increases.

It's also important to remember that not all office spaces are created equal, as the equipment and the facilities that you need will vary from one business to another. You'll need to keep this in mind at all times, as you may only need a relatively modest office space in which to work.

You can hire a cleaning service like Thats Clean Maids to make sure your office space remains neat and clean.

Don't Forget About Safety and Functionality
Once you've arrived on a specific design for your office space, the next step is to ensure that you guarantee its safety and the functionality.

After all, these aspects are usually taken care of by employers, and you can ill-afford to overlook them when working remotely.

In terms of safety, it's particularly important that you remove any potential tripping hazards, by organising the space and investing in the type of cable covers sold by RS Components. Similarly, you should ensure that your chair and desk are set to a comfortable height, as this can help you to avoid back pain in the future.

When it comes to functionality, you should try to invest in an ergonomic design, which optimises your comfort and the efficiency of your work.

By working more efficiently, you can accomplish more during your working hours and maximise your profitability going forward.

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