Get Prepared Early For Your Move Abroad

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If you're considering moving abroad, permanently, or temporarily, you must be sure that you are organised and methodical about the change. You must consider looking at the appropriate visas. You may want to also consider the indefinite leave to remain process and get the advice that you need from the professionals. You should also consider making a list of priorities that need to be promptly dealt with before the move. Here is a list to help you get started:

Flights and travel: It is recommended to make at least one advance trip before the transfer, together with the person you're moving with (if you are not travelling alone), “to get to know the area”. It is important to plan the flight and get to know the airports in advance, as well as know what the take-off and landing hours are according to the local time. This way you can prepare for any jet lag and make sure you take off any time that you need. 

It is advisable to arrive with cash: A reasonable starting amount that will allow for basic shopping. Also, access to cash withdrawals should be ensured in the near future. Just in case you need to jump in a taxi or buy a quick drink, you should have some surplus cash. 

Communication is vital: Be sure that you have an international mobile phone abroad as well as call a local cellular operator. Learn and get to know the local way of life as well as any rules that there may be relating to internet and WiFi connections so you can always remain in contact.

Are family joining?: If you are leaving first and your family is joining after this, it is advisable to create maximum comfort before joining family members, and especially if there are children involved. It is important to know the environment and guide the family members who join, and not let the destination be experienced with them for the first time. This is because this way, you can filter and present the city streets the best, and create a sense of comfort and security. If you know your way around first, it will make everyone's transition easier in the coming weeks.  

Friends and community: It is recommended to connect with people from your country in the new area. You will probably find groups on Facebook. It is advisable to form friendships even before the transition, such as chatting to people online and planning on meeting for a coffee.

Important Contacts: Learn and maintain a contact list both in and out of the workplace. Including key personnel in the organization, relocation manager, direct managers and also embassy contacts in case an issue should arise. 

Moving abroad doesn't have to be as stressful as it seems as long as you are well prepared and try to get a semblance of what to expect next. Prepare yourself, have your documentation ready and also look at all the things in between to ensure a smooth and happy transition.

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