Everything you Need to Know Before Moving to China as an Expat

The number of expats forms 3.1% of the world population, with a wide range of motivations for living abroad. Some of the leading reasons for moving abroad by expats include employment, moving to live in their partner’s country, the desire to retire abroad, adventure, education, and the search for a better quality of life. The biggest motivation for expats moving to China is education and employment.

China is a fantastic place for expatriates as it is modern and cosmopolitan. If you are looking to move to China, here is everything you need to know.

1. Job opportunities
Since most of the expats moving to China are usually motivated by work, it is essential to have a clue about the options available. There are tons of options for educators and especially for English. There is an increase in demand for learning the language as it has become a fundamental language for business.

Most employers in China are looking for professionals, like accountants, managers, financial analysts, and so on. Technical skills, especially in IT and manufacturing, are also in high demand, and you are likely to land a good job here.

2. Download all the apps that can make your life easy and fun
Be it gaming apps, food apps, or taxi apps; you need to have them on your phone. These will go a long way in making your life easy, especially when you are just beginning to familiarize yourself with the country and cities within.

You can spend your free time playing with a mobile casino bonus as you map out entertainment joints and make new friends. Sometimes you will be so tired, or the weather may be too uncomfortable for you to go out for adventure, and such convenience will come in handy.

The good thing about China is that you will never sweat to get food. There are so many restaurants you cannot exhaust them. However, sometimes we just want to be comfortable and have the food delivered to our doorstep. There are tons of food apps in China, but worth noting is that some of them are in Chinese. Out this into consideration as you make your pick.

A cab app is also a great idea to reduce frustrations when moving around.

3. The cost of living
Well, Chinese cities are considered among the most expensive in the world. Well, the truth is, the country is still developing, and the living standards are not so high. You can live a quality lifestyle with $1000. So this means that the cost of living could be significantly low, especially for the expatriates, as they get a more competitive remuneration compared to the locals.

The cost of living also varies with the different Chinese cities; you, therefore, should consider researching the living expenses for the various cities as you select a city to move to.

4. Languages
Is it possible to live in China without knowing the Chinese language? This is a question that any expat looking to move abroad would ask. Communication is vital, and it will determine how easy life will be for you. It is possible to live in China without knowing the Chinese language, as English is the most used language in the work environment.

However, if you are looking to have a social life and explore the country, learning the Chinese language will be necessary. You will enjoy moving across cities, eating in the local restaurants, and having local fun in China if you can speak their language. Not everyone you will bump into in the country speaks English. Learning some essential Chinese words, if not everything, will go a long way in making your life easy in the country.

5. Online expat groups should be your best friends
China can be a handful and might take you a while and rounds of culture shock before you come around. More so, you can get lonely and things a bit confusing. Reaching out to people who have been in your shoes before will help you navigate challenges easily and expose you.

There is no better place to get expat support than expat groups. They are available on Facebook and several other platforms. Get a membership to the different expat groups, and you will get all the support and insights you need while in China.

6. Coffee is expensive in China
Almost everyone loves coffee. If you can’t miss a cup or two every day, then prepare yourself for some serious spending. Anything that is imported in China is expensive, including coffee.

If it is an option, you can consider packing your coffee in your suitcase. Making it at home can save you some money.

If you are moving with your family, take time to research the different destinations to find the perfect place to stay, good schools for your kids to attend, and a place that fits your budget. Just like when moving to any other country abroad, expect to encounter some cultural differences. Prepare for this and learn to adjust to make your transition easy.

Also, please do not shy away from becoming part of the expat community; it is a great family to have in China to guide you on what to expect in the country. You can have tons of adventures as an expat, do not miss the opportunity to have fun while living and working in China. There is so much to learn.

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