Essential Items Needed When Working At Home

In the modern world, the way we go about working has changed immeasurably. We have seen economies change from more rural, farming, and agriculture-based to city-based service industries. The advent of the internet has made remote and mobile working more accessible to the masses and has led to changes such as group conferencing and meetings held virtually. The biggest recent change, however, has been the outbreak of Coronavirus. This has led to the closure of many large traditional style offices with many employers forcing their employees to work from home. As such, we have seen a revolution in the home office and here we are going to look at the most important items of furniture we need at home.

Internet Connection

With technology at the fore, we must have the correct means of communication at our disposal. Most importantly a secure and fast internet connection. It is vital that this holds up to the rigors of multiple applications running at the same time, and also to virtual meetings and presentations. Take your time to research local service providers, and if you are in a financial industry where having the fastest connection makes the difference between profits and losses, then you may want to look at having an ultra-fast line installed into your home. You cannot afford to have those important business calls cut due to a faulty connection.


It is important that you are working with the right home equipment as you may be used to working from a desktop in a large office with a centralized IT system. Do your research here. Do you need a fixed desktop computer or would a laptop make your working life easier? Are you planning to be mobile to visit clients etc? Laptops can be powerful enough to handle even the most powerful editing software, so you may want to consider this option, always bearing in mind they are likely to be cheaper than a desktop. Use comparison sites and identify exactly what you need for your job. 

Desk and Chairs

We are all used to being sat in a comfy chair with a large desk in front of us when working in a large office, so why should a home office be any different? The more comfortable you are, the more productive youre likely to be, so do whats best for your bank balance and also your well-being. If you have back or medical issues do your research and visit the site most likely to give you the best options available. Similarly, for desks, choose something that gives you ample space so you are not cluttered. You could be creative if you have a redundant space under a window, or create an ergonomic design that leaves you feeling zen. 


Maximizing your exposure to natural light can have significant benefits to your mental wellbeing. If you can, position your office in a light, airy room in front of a window. If this is not possible you will need to mimic the effects of daylight by introducing daylight replicating lamps or even LED lights with dimmer capabilities so that you can change the lighting to fit the outdoor ambiance or even your mood. Try to avoid glare as this will strain your eyes, so minimize overhanging lights or those directly above your computer. 

General Office Equipment

When setting up your home office it is important to draw up a list of everything you might need, because you probably wont need half of it! Why do you need those big heavy filing cabinets when you work for a digital agency and rarely print anything off? Likewise, do you need that photocopier, that shredder or the fax machine? The realities of a modern office have changed. Often a computer, a phone, and a small printer will suffice. For your one-off needs, you can always visit a serviced office or borrow any equipment you may need from a friend. Do not clutter your office with the equipment you will never use. It could also save you a fortune!

We have seen that the nature of the modern office from home has changed enormously as working practices have developed. Working from home has become more accessible as the majority of people will find they need minimal equipment, whilst also saving on commuting costs. Perhaps the most important thing is to make sure you are working in the most comfortable environment possible with the fewest distractions. Buy that comfy seat and ensure you have a calm and functional workspace and you will see your productivity and mental well went off the charts. 

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