Driving More Sales Through Your Website

Running a new online business? It only makes sense that you're going to want to drive as many sales through your website as possible. Whether your website is your only sales platform, or whether you've started out on a third party site like eBay or Etsy and now want to drive sales through your own page that doesn't deduct fees, selling through your own website is one of the most cost effective and independent ways to make money once your business is on its feet and attracting attention. Of course, you're going to have to make sure that your website is up to scratch to achieve this. Here are a few steps you can do to achieve your goal and maximise profits!

Design and Functionality
First and foremost, you're going to need to make sure that your website is well designed and fully functional. Various studies have found that the vast majority of people decide whether to stay on a website or not within seconds of landing on the home page. If it looks good, is appealing and they can easily find where they want to go, they will likely stay. This is why web design is so important. Collaborate with a professional web designer and web developer to achieve your goals. They'll know what works, what doesn't work and can bring your vision to life.

User Experience
User experience is an important part of web design that you might want to hone in on. There are plenty of user experience or “UX” design specialists out there who can look over your site and tell you how to rearrnage it so that users get the best experience possible while browsing. They can do things that direct users through a faster process between browsing and checking out, encouraging more sales and more success for you!

Easy Payment Methods
Payment methods can determine whether some makes that impulse purchase or not. Having as many different payment methods integrated into your site as possible will maximise the number of people who actually check out. You don't want someone to be about to click buy, only to realise they don't have their card on them but don't have the option of Paypal or Apple Pay to make check out easy. Make sure to focus on integrated payment processing to combat this problem.

Once your site is up to scratch, you can start focusing on directing more traffic to it. There are, of course, countless ways to go about this. Focus on different, common traffic sources and how to maximise their impact on your page. One great option is SEO. SEO stands for search engine optimisation and focuses on helping your page to rank highly in search engine results when people search for products that you're selling. This directs them to your site before they fall into the arms of your competition. The majority of small businesses outsource their SEO to agencies, who can take care of the hard work for them. Other common traffic direction services include paid ads. PPC is popular, as you only pay for what you get. PPC stands for “pay per click”, meaning you're only charged for each person who actually clicks an ad that then redirects them to your website.

These simple steps should help to get the ball rolling when it comes to driving as many sales to your website as possible!

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