Doing Your Sales Job from Home? Here’s How!

As the world moves toward more stringent social distancing measures, a large portion of the workforce have found themselves indoors. Sounds like the dream, right? You get to roll out of bed, kick back in your pajamas, and work to the beat of your own drum? Well, not quite?

As sales jobs move to remote work, it's still imperative to stay motivated, meet quotas, and clearly communicate with sales managers and marketing. That's not to say you can't be in your PJs (except for, perhaps, on Zoom calls), just that you need to optimize your workspace for remote work if you want to continue succeeding.

If you are doing a sales job from home amid the coronavirus pandemic, here are a few simple ways you can maintain quality and productivity.

Make Your Workspace Feel Like an Office

If your living room is your workspace, and it still feels like a living room, there will be a mental barrier when it comes time to work. At an office, a workspace is singularly designed to funnel focus and energy towards work. You have a desk with all the necessary tools – computer, phone, notes, pens, etc. – at an arm's reach.

Rather than kicking back on the couch with a laptop on your stomach, mentally prepare for work by creating a designated workspace. Find an isolated part of the home that's free of distraction. Set up a desk with all necessary tools at hand, and ensure that the background is professional (you may be fielding video calls while at home).

Automate Your Sales Calls for Better Productivity

Productivity doesn't have to suffer under work-from-home orders. To ensure that you work prospects often and thoroughly, look into a sales engagement platform, which can help automate the prospecting process.

If you're setting up your home office for success, you want to minimize needless manual tasks. The best sales engagement platforms come with auto-dialing software, which removes the need for manual searching and dialing. This decrease in downtime can increase call activity by 296%. Your sales engagement platform should also come with what's called “queue-based lead routing,” which prioritizes the best leads, increases speed-to-lead, and automates your cadence.

Communicate, Communicate, Communicate

Communication is key in any sales environment, but it assumes even more vital importance when working remotely. Without thorough, transparent lines of communication, it can be tough to spot issues or broken processes.

Through video chat, continue to engage with your manager and team in weekly sales meetings. Collaborate with your fellow reps and continue to pull together as a team. In the absence of physical presence, hopping on video chat will help you feel more engaged.

With a dedicated workspace, productivity-enhancing software, and robust lines of communication, your sales work will be every bit as effective at home (maybe even more) as it was in the office. Work-from-home orders may only be temporary, but that doesn't mean you can't still make a lasting impact on prospects.

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