Clearly Filtered, Brita or ZeroWater – Which Is Most Effective?

Since everyone has pledged to limit the use of single used plastic, many people have stopped buying water from bottles instead as an alternative they use tap for their daily water consumption. But everyone knows that waters from the tap are somewhat undrinkable. Disease control organizations recommend people that if they are going to get water from a well, it must be tested first by certified labs to check for any contamination. Even though it is regulated by water protection agencies it is still not free from contaminants such as chlorine, asbestos, copper, fluoride, and more. Disease control organizations also warn that these contaminants cannot be seen by our naked eye or even taste or smell. If you are unsure whether your water source has harmful effects, you may want to consider buying a water filter that can take your worry away from your body and keep you and your family safe.

Water filters remove contaminants from water to make it safe to drink. It is important to choose the right filter that suits your water source. Water filters can range from $20 dollars up to $150 dollars depending on your budget. In addition to that, you also need to consider how big your house is and if the water flows fast. There are also water filter pitchers you can buy for portability. If you find the perfect filter that is best for you, you can replace hundreds of plastic water bottles and lessen the amount of plastic being thrown in landfills.

Water filter pitchers are popular among households since it was created because of its portable method of filtering water contaminants. They’re convenient and easy to use. Many water pitchers claimed that their products improve the water quality and the water you drink. It is easy to believe this claim as it is advertised perfectly, but without testing its effectiveness you are just drinking the same water from before. Nonetheless, there are still water filters that are proven to be the best. There are different types of water filters you can choose from and each one of them serves a different purpose.

Clearly Filtered

The Clearly Filtered is the best pick among consumers because of its overall design and the way it filters water impurities. When you put water into the pitcher, it will pass through a filter that thoroughly cleans the water with absolutely no harmful elements. This filter is best to know to remove over 200 plus different types of contaminants such as chemicals, metals, and the like. 

The purpose of the filter is to hold bad elements and only release clean water to the bottom of the pitcher. Not only does it clean the water but it also improves the taste of your drink. According to the most insightful review of the Clearly Filtered water pitcher, despite its competitive value in the market, this filter is guaranteed for long-term use. It also has a selective permeability feature that only targets harmful contaminants and chooses good elements that should remain in the water.

The lifespan of the filter on this item can be used up to 4 months or when the filter starts to look it needs replacement. It not just makes your water clean but also gives you an assurance that the water your family drinks is clean, full of nutrients, and free from any impurities. 

Another advantage of this filter among others is how it was made. The manufacturer guarantees that all parts have been thoroughly inspected and undergo a series of tests to certify its design and functionality. It is also 100% BPA if you are concerned about the plastic materials present on this pitcher. 


If you want cleaner and better-tasting water that you can put in your refrigerator, you might want to try Brita filter pitcher. It is very affordable compared to other pitchers but it is super effective in filtering water contaminants. It has a filtration cartridge that can reduce levels of copper, chlorine, cadmium, and mercury to your water, nearly as good as bottled water you buy in the supermarket.  Brita filters can also purify water quickly. According to some tests, it can filter water faster compared to other pitchers out in the market. Replacement of the filter can be done every after 2 months of use. In other words, a single Brita filter takes about 300 standard plastic water bottles.

ZeroWater Pitcher

This filter works differently than other water filters available out there. It uses a large amount of ion-exchange resin to attract mineral ions. It also uses a five-step system that removes solid particles and chemical impurities. This kind of filter is most commonly used in pharmaceutical companies and other industries that need 100% pure water. It also has an activated carbon procedure that removes chlorine and hydrogen sulfide which can bring a lot of problems in well water. 

Having a ZeroWater pitcher also helps in reducing your carbon footprint by designing their filters to be completely recyclable and recharged, which means filters used in this pitcher would not end up in landfills. However, because it filters waters so effectively, the filter itself can be used up more quickly than other filters. According to some tests, consumers can only filter about 25 to 40 gallons of water per filter depending on the particles on their tap water which is lower compared to other water filters. 

If you want a water filter that is cheap but can get the job done, Brita is the one for you. If you prefer a pitcher that filters water quickly and make your water free from contaminants, ZeroWater is the best option there is. But if you want high-quality water, Clearly Filtered is the right one for you. Choosing the most effective water filter for you can be hard because a lot of them have their own pros and cons and some are better than the others. However, researching can help you understand better, and knowing what’s best for you and your family is the most effective way to filter your choices.

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