Best Home Heating Options for the Winter

The cold is upon us and that means more nights than not, we'll have the heat on. For many, they set the thermostat and forget it but there's more to heating your home than that. With the seemingly endless options for getting heat in your home, which one is best? 

It'll depend on exactly what your home is like, but keep reading to see what options might be right for keeping you and your loved ones warm this winter. 

Boiler Systems

Offering radiant heat as a means to warm the room, boiler systems are still often found in businesses and older homes but can still prove to be a great option today. Once your thermostat senses the drop in temperature, it'll turn the boiler on where it'll proceed to heat up the water. The steam is then sent through the home via radiators that warm the air. Once the water cools, it returns to the boiler to be heated again until the home reaches the desired temperature. 

While older systems are often inefficient next to today's competition, new boiler systems offer high efficiency and given your home runs on a boiler already, a new system, instead of an entirely new heating method, might be a great choice this winter to stay warm without changing too much of what's already in your home.


A great option for anyone who isn't looking, or isn't able to, use natural gas and who also doesn't like the idea of using a wood burning stove in their home. Propane will heat quicker and often cost less than other options. That also makes it a great option to have as a backup heat source in your home, so no matter what, you'll never be left without heat on those cold nights.

For those used to only thinking about the heating bill and not any of the work that can come with other options, you'll be able to have the same experience with propane. All you'll need to do is get in contact with a propane supplier, and you'll be able to set up automatic deliveries so there's no interruption on your end.

Wood Burning

Perfect for those who love the idea of living as naturally as possible, wood burning can also be an inexpensive option if you can have access to free or cheap wood. You'll also need a place to store the wood, so don't forget about that either. As we've all known, coal burns very hot and is a great way to warm your home quickly. 

While there's the obvious comforts that come with getting warmth from an open flame, like the cozy atmosphere and image of a book read by the light of a fire, wood burning doesn't come without its downsides. For example, the smoke it creates burns as a pollutant, and chimneys need to be cleaned and maintained often to avoid accidents and fire risk. If you have young children or pets, there's also the obvious issues that come with having an open flame in the home.

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