Are Pods Cheaper than Moving Companies?

Do you like DIY moving or prefer hiring professional movers? You may use services offered by PODS moving companies you prefer DIY moving. They will drop a container at your old house, offer enough time to load all your belongings, and then move the container to your new house.

You will get enough time to unload all the belongings and then the PODS Company will pick up the container. It is the new way of DIY moving with containers. Yes, PODS are cheaper than moving companies but it might not be the right choice for you!

Let's assess the benefits and drawbacks of PODS and Moving companies to decide which is more suited for your moving needs.

What are PODS? Should You Use Services Offered by PODS Companies?

Portable on Demand Storage or PODS offers a moving and storage facility in Florida. People now commonly use PODS as a synonym for moving container services. Many people choose to rent moving containers due to the following benefits:

  • Use the storage as long as you need it:

How about renting the moving container as long as you don't move to the new house in Boston? A moving company won't keep your belongings for several days, but it is possible to do with PODS.

Suppose you haven't rented a house in the intended area, you can use the moving container to hold your belongings for several days. Even though you have rented a house, you can keep the moving container on the new property as long as you pay the rent.

That's a major perk of renting moving containers. The PODS service will drop the container at your new house and allow you to unload it according to your convenience.

  • Move when everything is set:

Moving to a new city or location can delay due to several reasons. There might be some repair work at the new house which may take several days. The moving company may send their staff on the scheduled time and then you will have to cancel their services.

There is no such issue with moving containers. The PODS service will drop the container at your existing home. Load it whenever you get the time and move it when everything is set. Most moving container rental services charge monthly rentals. You can use the container for several days if you aren't ready to move!

  • PODS are more affordable than hiring professional movers:

People often avoid full-time moving companies because PODS offer much cheaper moving solutions. If you are moving to Boston Massachusetts from another state, PODS will be a more affordable alternative to hiring professional movers.

Many moving container rental companies charge about $110 per month when you rent a 12-foot container. You will pay around $120 for a 16-foot container. The service provider will charge for moving the container, but it won't be as expensive as hiring professional movers.

Why renting a moving container is not a good idea?

Although PODS seems a cheaper alternative to hiring professional Boston movers, the following drawbacks make it a bad choice.

  • Loading and unloading problems:

The moving container rental company won't help you in packaging, loading, and unloading your belongings. You may hire packers to do the packaging work, they won't help you load your belongings.

Loading all the lightweight and heavy household items will exhaust you. Once the container is shipped to the new home, you will have to unload everything. It will be quite challenging, especially if you have to go to work the next day!

Even though people hire PODS, they experience all the issues associated with DIY moving. That's why it's not the right choice.

  • You may not get ample storage space:

Suppose you are moving to a big house, you will have to rent several containers. PODS services provide containers only if they have empty containers. You won't get the required space if the required size container is not available.

Many homeowners have faced this issue, especially when moving to a far located city. Avoid renting PODS if it is the case with you! Hire professional movers in MA to get the best storage solutions.

  • You will need a place to park the container:

Do you have free space to park the moving container on your current and new property? What if you live in an apartment and moving to another apartment? You won't get a place to park the moving container for several days. You may also not get a place to park it in Boston because there is already a parking issue in the city.

Even though you have rented a house in one of Boston's suburbs, you can't park the container anywhere. Neighbors and local authorities may have issues and you will have to empty the container on the same day!

Should You Hire Professional Movers?

Professional movers specialize in packing and moving household things, offices, and businesses. They provide comprehensive support to ensure homeowners shift to the new home without any trouble. You would love to hire professional movers for the following benefits:

  • Movers will manage everything:

Once you hire a moving company, its professionals choose the right moving vehicle for your belongings. They package all your belongings, load them, and unload them to the new house. You can sit and relax when movers are doing their job!

  • No stress at all!

As said earlier, movers handle all the stressful things when you move to a new house. You can go to work and do other important things when movers are transporting your belongings to the new house. It becomes an enjoyable experience because you get ample support to move everything safely.

  • It's a time-saving solution:

Do you want to move and settle in the new house quickly? You should hire movers in Boston. Expert movers will ship all your belongings to the new house within a few days. You can unpack and set the new home within a day!

Final thoughts:

People rent PODS containers to save their money, but they forget all other issues that come with it. Hiring professional movers is more beneficial if you can afford to spend some more money on moving.

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