9 types of graphic design

Being a graphic designer or just designer in general is not about learning some formulas and tools, it’s first about having a fancy eye for components that will leave a great impression and turn heads.

Diving into this career field, you will be faced with various types of graphic design professions, hence it is important to be acquainted with the types of options available to you and explore them to the core.

Types of Graphic Design

Whether you're a beginner trying to get into the field of graphic design or just someone searching for the perfect candidate to take on the job, this article is intended to help you identify the right path you need to take or the most suitable expert for your design project. To ease your search, you can take a look at ITHire's experienced freelance designers, who are thrilled to bring your project to life.

Regardless of your level of expertise and understanding within the area of graphic design, This article will assist you in becoming acquainted with the various types of graphic design roles found in a wide range of industries.

9 types of graphic design

Are you an aspiring individual seeking to challenge yourself but yet not sure about the types of jobs in graphic design, keep reading the article to educate yourself about each type of graphic design.

1. Advertising and marketing design

Graphic design is quite essential in the sphere of marketing and advertising. Advertising and marketing companies or individuals heavily rely on visual content to and have an outstanding effect on the choice of their customers and sell their products. Advertising and marketing designers are usually in charge of producing social media visuals, email marketing layouts, brochures and other visuals for marketing purposes.

2. Publication design

In the sphere of publication, designers collaborate alongside editors and writers to produce breathtaking covers for books or magazines that will engage readers. Their main responsibilities are composing digital layouts for print publications, selecting the colours, typefaces and fonts and finally combining graphics, written material and advertising data to come up with outstanding and eye pleasing pages.

3. Illustration design

Illustration designers are typically asked to produce animated, character-driven graphics with personality and frequently a hint of comedy. In order to work in the sphere of illustration design, one should be very good at drawing to be able to transfer mental images to paper. You will be responsible for creating and giving life to illustrations that are sometimes even only imaginary.

4. Motion design

As our society has continued to digitise over the past 10 years, motion design has grown in popularity. Motion design is the creation of digital visuals that give the impression of rotation or motion that can be found in various apps, websites, but most importantly in movie production.

5. Packaging design

We come across packing design daily from the food we consume to the things we purchase offline at the stores. Designing a product's packaging involves combining form, structure, materials, colour, images, typography, and regulatory information with auxiliary design components to make it suitable for marketing purposes. 

6. Game design

Game designers are the ones responsible for giving life to gaming ideas through the smart combination of programming, creative writing and graphic design. Game design is a great career that will give you freedom to widen your horizons and work from anywhere and anytime, but it requires time and dedication. 

7. Product design

Product designers are frequently in charge of developing fresh concepts for already-existing products or producing wholly original ones. Product design prioritises both form and function in the creation of practical tools that are utilised on a daily basis.

8. Environmental design

Environmental design incorporates different aspects of design such as graphic, architectural, interior, landscape, and industrial design to improve people's experiences by making their surroundings more memorable, instructive, enjoyable, and navigable.

9. Information design

Information design's primary aim is to make information as accessible and understandable as possible for customers. Examples of information design can range from the street signs you see regularly to restaurant menus that include pictures of the dishes.

To summarise, regardless of the form of graphic design you are interested in, you must be educated about graphic design in general. Graphic design is an area that is constantly evolving, and there is a high demand for experienced designers with a dainty eye for detail is growing day by day.

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