7 Times Snail Mail Is Better Than Email

Compared to their electronic counterparts, snail mails still carry a lot of weight because they have a personal touch and are unique in every way. In an age of WhatsApp group texting, Instagram likes, emojis, and torrential emails, sending a snail mail can often seem outdated, vintage, and almost quaint. But it will surprise you that the love for physical cards and letters will keep on growing. Because come to think about it, it's the thought that counts, right? It's that final lick that goes into an envelope and that stamp that makes letters so precious and timeless. That said, here are seven times snail mail is better than email.

1. When Sending Personalized Messages

It could be that you're sending your condolences, congratulatory remarks, or thank you notes. The best way to do this and in a thoughtful way is by sending a snail mail. Physical letters and cards will show that you invested not only your time but your thoughts as well in composing and sending it. Heidi Bender, a renowned author, and writer at https://tonsofthanks.com/ say that there is something about sending a personalized message that lets the recipient know that they're appreciated. This is especially when sending a thank you note or birthday card. Your efforts of sending a personalized message via a snail mail will not go unnoticed.

2. Security

The chances of your snail mails getting intercepted are lower when compared to emails. By most standards, emails are not a secure means of distribution, especially when it comes to sensitive information such as company secrets. The contents of an email are not obscured whether encrypted or not. If a potential adversary knows where your email traffic is originating from, they can easily spy on you. But the same cannot be said about a snail mail. Corporate espionage is very much a reality and even though it usually goes undetected, it's a risk you don't want to take. The same applies when it comes to identity theft. You don't want your most important documents and information to fall into the wrong hands. Your mails are safe at the post office and only you can access your mailbox. 

3. When Reaching Prospective Clients

In a business environment, you'll want to maintain high levels of professionalism in all aspects of your operations. At some point in your business operations, there are higher chances that you'll be dealing or are already dealing with high-level executives and partners you'd want to bring on board. These are people you'd rather not send an email to because you just don't want your messages to end up in their spam folders. Using the conventional mailing system will help get their attention and the best part is that you can customize your mails in a way that gets you recognized easily. 

4. When Complying With Certain Requirements

Certain documents will still need to be sent via mail. This is to comply with certain legal requirements. While you'll still be needed to submit some forms electronically, having a tangible copy of these documents will help to save from future headaches. Among the documents that you'll still be required to send by mail include:

  • Documents containing clients' and employees' personal information
  • Internal procedure manuals
  • Government documents
  • Legal documents
  • Commercial and contract documents

5. When Following Up On an Interview

After an interview, you'll want to follow up and thank your potential employer for the interview opportunity they offered you. This will provide you with an opportunity to mention things that didn't come up during the interview. You can mention some skills or accomplishments that you left out but mostly, your letter should have an appreciative tone. You can follow up on a job interview by either sending an email or a snail mail. However, a handwritten letter will leave a great impression and in addition to this, it's exceptionally unique.

6. When Communicating With the Elderly

The best way to communicate with an older person would be through snail mail. This is because not so many older folks will pay attention to technology. They like it that way because hey, they grew up without the internet anyway. They'll appreciate a letter more than they would an email. To an older person, replying to a snail mail will be easier than fidgeting with a keyboard!  

7. When Filing a Consumer Complaint

As a consumer, you have the right to receive quality products and services. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. There are various ways you can complain effectively and get results. Before taking to the streets (which is highly discouraged), a letter of complaint would be the best action to take. Taking the time to write a letter of complaint and sending it via mail will get you noticed easily and your grievances taken seriously.

Now, as you can see, snail mails are still very effective, though slow, they are unique and they'll still serve the purpose. Unlike emails, snail mails are unique and have a personal touch not found in modern forms of communication.

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