7 Smart Marketing Strategies to Grow Your Audience 

Growing your audience is crucial for every business, whether you are a fast food startup or a multinational company. Aside from its benefits, research has shown that your business will win new customers and boost its ROI when you focus on the right people. You will also save money by tailoring your strategies to the right audience instead of a general audience. Below are seven smart marketing strategies to grow your audience.  

1. Engage your audiences via social media

Rethinking your social media techniques and channels can help you grow your audience. Almost everybody is on one platform or another today, and customers favor businesses that are active on them. Research shows that a significant number of social media users follow a brand. Whether you are new or have some experience, you can be successful without hiring a social media manager. But you must learn to create interesting posts or blogs or offer expertise relevant to your target audience's interests. For instance, an event photographer might snap a great family portrait and share it via social media to showcase their expertise and grow their followers.

2. Assess your existing knowledge
Your target audience is likely to share characteristics with connections you already know. For instance, if you own a restaurant business offering handcrafted quality foods, you can use the insight from your current customers to market a similar product they could be interested in. As a result, these “lookalikes” are a smart basis for expanding your audience. So examine what you know about your present contacts to locate new prospects interested in your offer. What are the age bracket of your target audience and their location? How often do they respond to specific content types? These are a few pieces of information you can use to identify similar prospects. 

3. Get more reviews
Potential clients must know you exist, especially if you have a physical store. So, ensure you're actively soliciting feedback on your company listing and social media sites. These reviews not only help you build your presence online but also demonstrate to potential customers your value. Customer reviews are a great way to identify what works for your business, get noticed by new prospects, and sell your products and services. A few ways to maximize your reviews include featuring them on your website and posting them alongside products to encourage buyers. You can also add promotional emails, build a landing page to drive customer actions, and post on social media. While it is good to get more positive reviews, ensure to add the not-so-good reviews and how you resolved them to make your brand look genuine. 

4. Leverage influencers
Influencers are an excellent way to spread the word and boost your social media presence and sales without waiting years. Usually, influencers with the numbers are the preferred choice. Unfortunately, an influencer's following will not matter if they are not in your field. Therefore, finding the precise influencer to help you reach your target audience would be best. It's not only about getting your message out there but getting your word out to your target market. If you do it well, you may reach a huge audience and yield the expected outcome for a relatively small investment.

5. Offer discounts and freebies
Email lists are a crucial tool for today's smart business owners. And one of the most effective ways to grow your email lists is by offering freebies such as eBooks or guides. Additionally, people are more willing to share information in exchange for a free resource. Customers feel valued and are likely to remain loyal to your brand when you offer something valuable for free. They are also more likely to respond to feedback and messages soliciting their support. 

6. Offer multiple payment options

Your customers will likely look elsewhere when you limit their payment options. Convenience is a characteristic today's customers who are spoilt for choice are looking for. Therefore, your ability to offer the most convenience can drive more customers to your business. The more payment choices you have, the more probable you will appeal to a larger audience. The easier it is for individuals to pay you, the more likely you will get more money. Additionally, depending on the nature of your business, you may require a high risk payment processor for smoother and safer payments. 

While the above can be useful for growing your audience, explore each strategy based on new and existing data and your goals to maintain your audience while looking for opportunities to expand.

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