7 Great Tips On Managing Your Employees Better

Running a business will always throw up some challenges along the way. Whether they're personal challenges or something to do with the business as a whole, they have to be sorted out so the company can continue running smoothly. Certain things can be done to ensure certain issues don't arise, but that's not always the case when it comes to managing your employees.

The relationship an owner has with his staff is essential to the success of the company. Many say the customer is the most important part of the business process, and whilst that's somewhat true, without employees there would be no business to buy from. Here we take a look at 7 tips on managing your employees better for greater success. 

1. Have A Great Line Of Communication 

Being able to communicate with your employees openly and honestly is one of the most important things to learn when running a business. There are so many cases of unhappy workers due to the fact they aren't kept in the loop. Explain your company's vision, what your goals are, and how you expect them to complete their tasks. We aren't talking micromanaging or holding their hand, just expectation. If you give a motivated person a task with an expectation it will be completed. If you give a motivated person nothing, you'll receive nothing. 

Holding a weekly or monthly meeting with your employees is a brilliant way to boost team morale and discuss the workings of the previous week/month. You can go over budgets, tasks, new business, and how you want things to pan out for the next month. It's good to highlight any member or members of staff that has worked particularly well, it raises confidence and makes them work harder. 

2. Utilize Your Payroll 

Workers that aren't paid on time or correctly won't want to continue to work for you. Finding a solution for poor payroll is imperative. The professionals at Zenefits explain that having a system fully integrated with the rest of your company saves you time. This allows you to have more time to work with your employees and develop a good working relationship. Not only that, having a system that's fully integrated makes it much easier for the employee to request time off, discuss wages, track hours, and look at company benefits. Any member of staff that can look at their pay packet with ease will be far less stressed. 

3. Give Feedback

One thing we can all agree on is that no one is a mind reader. This is very much the case within businesses and many company owners need to remember that their staff won't be able to read their minds. Giving regular feedback will not only improve the workforce for your business, but it will also make them feel as though they are being listened to and guided. 

Positive feedback is great and will make your employees feel amazing. If you see someone going above and beyond or just doing their job well then let them know. Don't wait until the monthly meeting or end of year meeting. Stop and tell them you think they're doing a great job. It will boost confidence and morale. 

Negative feedback should never be cutting or nasty. Always give constructive criticism and be careful of how you phrase it. Be specific and always ask if they need help in certain areas. 

4. Delegate Tasks 

You can't do everything. Delegating tasks to your employees is key as it lets them know you trust them to do something you want to do yourself. Once you are free you can concentrate on higher-value tasks like developing the company or your marketing strategy. Employees like contributing to a work environment so let them. 

5. Offer Flexible Working Hours 

Maybe flexible working hours every day might not be the best thing for your company, but those that have this style in place often see an increase in productivity and results. Some of your employees might require different working hours due to caring for a family member, or maybe they're unwell themselves. Offering a flexible workplace will encourage them and allow them to work to the best of their ability. 

6. Be Consistent 

Something that not many people can be straight away is consistent. This applies to all areas of your management style and needs to be the same as everyone. If you believe that someone should be rewarded for good work, then everyone that replicates that work should be rewarded too. Your team will think you're level headed and understanding if you're consistent with everyone. 

7. Lead By Example 

This speaks for itself. If you turn up to work early every day and work hard making sure everything that needs to be done is completed, then your workers have no excuse if they don't match your work ethic. Lazy managers breed lazy teams. 

Managing people isn't easy, but it's vital when you're running a business. Follow these tips and you'll be well on your way to having a healthy, happy, well-motivated team that's ready to turn your business into a roaring success.

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