6 Facts You Might Not Know About Working in Social Media

As a social media user, everything you see from the outside may appear flawless and aesthetically pleasing. You scroll through your phone after a long day at work and are greeted with beautiful people who are selling appealing products and services. But what does it really take to work in social media and what do many people not realize about this industry? Whether you're working as a beginner social media manager, or you're simply a social media consumer, there is a lot you should know about this ever growing industry. With this in mind, here are six facts you may not know about working in social media.

1. Images Can Be Created Using AI
The stunning imagery you see on social media isn't always exactly what you think it is. The truth is, there are images that can be created using AI and some of the people and scenes aren't even real to begin with. Clever tools such as Lucidpic can help content creators enhance the visual appeal of their images and make photographs with enhanced backgrounds, fake people and tweaked surroundings.

2. Content Creation is Time Consuming
Putting out one video, photograph or blog post doesn't simply happen at the drop of a hat. Content creation takes time, research and a lot of effort to get just right. It can take some social media enthusiasts weeks to create a viral post for their feed.

3. There Are So Many Analytical Tools to Use
Social media isn't just about beauty and aesthetics, it's about checking your analytics and understanding what works well for your audience. Many social media influencers and managers have to be good at numbers in order to make improvements to their content.

4. You Need to Be Able to Write 
When you work in social media, it's important to hone all of your skills, especially copywriting. Writing social media captions is an art form in itself; you can't simply post an eye-catching picture and hope for the best. You need to use your words to captivate your audience and make an impact.

5. Brands Won't Work With Just Anybody
Getting a brand deal these days isn't easy, especially when there is so much competition already out there. You need to have experience with your target demographic for a while in order to achieve lucrative brand deals with companies in your niche.

6. Trends Are So Important 
Hopping onto social media trends has never been more important, especially when you work in this industry. Staying relevant in an ever changing industry is so difficult, and trends are one of the only ways to stay at the forefront of your audiences' mind.

As you can see, social media is a complex puzzle with so many different moving parts that can adapt and evolve over time. From AI content to captivating copy, there is so much you might not have known about working in such a competitive industry. If you're hoping to break into the world of social media, all of these things are worth considering as they may help you to edge closer to success in your chosen industry.

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