5 Legit Money Making Ideas That Sound Too Good To Be True

If you're trying to think of legit ways to make money but you haven't found anything that sounds like it could actually work, look no further. These ideas might sound too good to be true, but they are ways to make money that many people are utilizing in 2021. Take a look and see what you could do to top up your income:

1. Promoting Products That You Believe In
Promoting products you believe in doesn't need to mean becoming an ‘influencer'. Instead, you could try becoming an affiliate. This is where you sign up for a company's affiliate program and then share your link so that other people can purchase products. When they use your link, you get a commission. Of course, it's not a good idea to promote absolutely everything. Promoting products you believe in will make you more credible, especially if you create detailed reviews and things to go with them. Some people even have success with comparison guides, helping people to make a choice out of several products. When you aim to help people rather than make money alone, you'll find you're far more successful. 

2. Help People Out With TaskRabbit
If you're not entirely sure, or bothered, with what you do, you can use TaskRabbit. This allows you to find people locally who need help with their chores. The tasks can be both big and small, such as home renovations or weeding the garden. You could offer your own strengths on the platform, or try your hand at pretty much anything. 

3. Trading Forex
Trading forex is the act of trading currencies to make money. This might seem complicated to you at first, but there are some trustworthy and regulated forex brokers out there who can help you to get your head around it. If you already have experience trading, you should be able to pick it up easily. Of course there's quite a bit to it, but with practice, you could make money with very little effort. 

4. Sell Your Photos
Whether you have a true eye for photography or simply like snapping pictures, you could sell your photos on sites like ShutterStock. This can earn you a passive income when people use your pictures. A good camera is ideal, as well as a knowledge of lighting. However, it is possible to use your phone, providing you take your time to take good pictures that people can use. Looking at what people want to use can help a lot, too. 

5. Teach About Things You Care About
If you have a lot of knowledge and passion on a particular subject, why not share it to make money? You don't need to be a traditional teacher. You could do some tutoring online, or even try making videos for sites like YouTube and TikTok. You may not make money right away, but a consistent effort and quality content is a winning combination. 

Which of these money making ideas are you going to explore, or do you have ideas of your own? Leave your thoughts below. Thanks for reading! 

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