5 Foolproof Ways to Get Rich

What child doesn't dream of growing up to be rich and famous? Whether you long to be a movie star, pop singer, or CEO of an international corporation, when you get older, you realize it's not as easy as it once seemed. Being rich requires one of two things: either you are born into a wealthy family and inherit their riches, or you knuckle down and work hard at achieving your dream. Of course, luck can play a part too. Some people become wealthy beyond their wildest dreams just through sheer coincidence. But unless you buy thousands of lottery tickets, pick up a nasty gambling habit, or make the news somehow, it's going to take some work before you achieve your riches.

For most people, being wealthy is not an achievable life goal. They may have other commitments and dreams that don't revolve around money. To become rich through hard work, it needs to be your one true mission, and you can't deviate from your path. With this in mind, here are five foolproof ways through which it is perfectly possible for anyone to become rich.

Start your own business

One of the most effective ways to become wealthy is by starting up your own company. Hundreds of thousands of businesses appear each year, and many innovative entrepreneurs go from rags to riches with nothing more than a great idea and the drive to make it work. If this is the route you want to go down, you'll need to come up with a business idea that is fresh, original, and will have high-demand. Even then, it is likely to take several years of hard work before you see the profits start to flood in. And remember, it doesn't matter whether your business is a beauty parlor, bookshop, or law firm; success isn't guaranteed. Many businesses fail within their first year, so you need extreme dedication to keep things afloat. And if you're worried you don't have the business acumen or experienced to pull it off? Don't panic; there are plenty of courses and degrees you can take in business studies and entrepreneurship. Take a look at some of the online business degrees with the best ROI here. Once you become successful, you could either thrive off your CEO salary or sell the business for a profit to the highest bidder.

Train for a high-paying job

If running your own business isn't for you, why not find a job with a large salary and focus your efforts on getting hired? The best-paying jobs tend to be those that require highly technical, in-demand skills, such as surgeons, lawyers, and pilots. Most of these career paths demand several years of training, but there is no reason you can't pull it off with enough work and study. Take a look at this list of the world's 25 highest-paying professions and decide whether any of them are for you.


Perhaps you want the money without putting in the hard work. That may sound too good to be true, but many people achieve it by merely putting their existing money in the right places. By investing, a little bit of money can go a long way, and you could end up with vast stores of wealth. Once you have a few successful investments, you'll be able to thrive off your passive income and can use your free time to jet around the world and do whatever rich people do. There are so many investment options to choose from, such as property, stocks, cryptocurrency, and bonds. 

Live a frugal life

If your current salary allows you to be moderately comfortable, it may be possible to become rich simply through prudent living. By cutting back on your unnecessary expenses and putting money aside in the bank, you may be able to amass enough wealth to become financially independent. While this route has none of the financial risk afforded by the other options, it may require you to make sacrifices in your life that you're not comfortable with. 

Create something of value

Back in 1997, an unknown struggling writer from England shot to international stardom when she published a children's book about a wizard named Harry Potter. JK Rowling became rich simply by creating a piece of work that resonated with people, and countless artists throughout history have done the same. If you have it in you to write a novel, pen a poem, or paint a masterpiece, you could reap the rewards of your genius imagination. But be warned, many artists go their whole lives without being recognized for their work, and it takes a truly incredible piece of art to rise to the top of all the competition out there.

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