5 Fields that Require a Background Check

You probably know what a background check is and how it works. If you want to work for a company, for instance, they might do a background check on you. They want to learn about your criminal history, what you post on social media, and anything else that could be a possible red flag.

If a prospective employer finds something that they don't like, that can bar them from hiring you for that job. That's just one reason why you should try to stay away from any criminal behavior. You'll also want to watch what you post on social media. That can come back to bite you sometimes, especially if you're posting anything controversial.

You should also know that if you get into certain fields, your potential employer will likely run a background check on you. Some fields even exist where an employer has to run a check on you by law. We'll look at some of those right now.

Computer and IT-Related Fields

As an employer, if you need to perform a background check, you will look for particular things, depending on which field someone tries to enter. IT and computer-related fields are one area where the law requires background checks. An employer will look for things like stalking or harassment, embezzlement, identity theft, and other kinds of fraud.

If you work in IT or a computer-related field, you're likely going to have access to servers or company databases that contain employee information. If you're good with computers, and you have access to a certain degree, it's possible that you could try to steal someone's identity.

You could also stalk them if you find out where they live. An employee database might contain someone's personal phone number, their social security number, or even their bank account routing number if the company uses a direct deposit payment system.

Once you think about all this information to which a dishonest person might have access, it makes sense that an employer would want to subject you to a thorough background check if you're going to do IT or something else computer-related for them.

Financial Fields

It probably won't surprise you very much to learn that if you're going to work in the financial field, you can expect your employer to do a background check on you. Much like in the computer and IT fields, if you work in finance, people need to trust you. Sensitive information will be in your hands, and your employer needs to feel that you won't do anything out of line with it.

You might get into something like accounting or banking. In the banking industry, you might be around piles of money all day long. In accounting, you might have someone's social security number right in front of you. A dishonest person might do something that they shouldn't in that situation.

For these fields, a background check will include your finances. An employer will want to know if you've ever tried to embezzle money or whether you've ever stolen anything. Educational checks and certification checks are also routine. A prospective employer will want to make sure that you graduated from the school that you claimed. They will want to know that you have the certifications which are a prerequisite for holding the job for which you're applying.

Government Positions

If you apply for government position, you will need to go through a lengthy background check. Whether you apply for a government job at the local, state, or federal level, your potential employer will check your background and look for anything that might disqualify you from holding that post.

There are many things that could disqualify you from doing government work. Some entities will not allow you to work for them if you have a drug conviction on your record. They will undoubtedly look for things like fraud, violent crime, or anything else that speaks to you having a poor character.

We're supposed to be able to trust government officials as a society, which is why we hold these individuals to a high standard. You may need to have a spotless record if you want to get one of these positions.

Educational Professions

If you want to hold a job in the educational field, you must submit to a background check. That could mean that you want to teach anywhere from kindergarten through twelfth grade or if you want to teach at the collegiate level.

If you're going to be around underage kids, the background check will look for things like child abuse allegations. The check will look for sexual allegations as well. If you ever had a conviction or even an accusation of inappropriate conduct with a minor, that will likely disqualify you from holding a post at an elementary, middle, or high school.

You can expect one of these checks if you want to be a school administrator or support staff, like a custodian. Anyone who has a history that indicates they might not be safe around young people will probably not get into this field successfully.

Healthcare Professions

Healthcare professionals can include doctors, orderlies, nurses, or even ambulance drivers or home health aides. Any time you'll be around patients who trust you, your employer will want to know about any crimes you committed or accusations against you in the past.

Much like jobs where you handle money or where you'll be around minors, these are trust positions. You might hold someone's life in your hands when you treat them if you're a nurse, doctor, or hospital orderly.

If anything in your background suggests that you're not suited for the job, an employer will likely not hire you. You will also probably not be able to get a medical license if you're applying for one.

Some of these laws might seem like a hindrance if you're applying for a job in the career fields we mentioned, but when you think about it, you'll realize they're in place for a reason.

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