4 Ways Business Owners Can Support Employees With Children

As the world changes around us, especially in recent times, employers will need to do their best to ensure that their employees feel safe and supported. According to recent studies, around 80% of employed mothers with children between the ages of 6 and 17 work full time, compared to 77% of mothers with children under 6. While fathers are more likely to be employed full time at 95%.

Nevertheless, there are things that employers can do to make things easier for parents, whether they are mothers or fathers, especially during a time that is putting a heavy strain on their employees. Here are four ways business owners can help make life easier for employees with children. 

Making More Family-Friendly Policies 

There are many workplace policies that can help support parents, and making family-friendly policies is essential for businesses that want to provide a comfortable workplace for working parents. Doing this can have a number of benefits for both employees and employers, with a more sustainable workplace, higher retention rates, lover absences, and increased morale. 

Another way employers can make their workplaces more family-friendly is by offering parental leave. This allows parents to take time off from work following the birth or adoption of a child without worrying about losing their job or financial stability. When companies offer paid parental leave, it allows parents to spend more time with their children and not worry about taking unpaid time off, leading to financial burden. If you want to learn more about parental leave, you can get in touch with an FMLA attorney who can help you and your business. 

Offer Support with Childcare 

 Working parents can often struggle to balance work and family life. It's a common problem facing many working parents, but it should not be their concern. Instead, we need to find ways to support employees with children as employers. 

Some employers offer childcare services to their employees with children. This way, the employees can focus on their work without having to worry about how their children are doing at home like they would if they had no childcare options available.

Create a Family-Friendly Workplace 

A family-friendly workplace provides some type of flexibility for employees with kids. It could be more flexible work schedules, the ability to work from home on occasion, or even providing onsite child care. The right type of supportive policies can make all the difference for working parents and their children.

Allow Customizable Schedules 

It is a common concern for parents whether they should take care of their child or work. And when you are in the workforce, it becomes even harder to find the right balance. Unfortunately, many working mothers and fathers don’t know how to balance between their personal and professional lives.

Companies must be understanding of this issue and consider more flexible schedules for such employees. This will help them manage their time better and hence, will be able to perform better at work as well as provide adequate care for their children.

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