4 Ways a Good Lawyer Can Help You

While there are some legal matters in which hiring an attorney isn't necessary, there are many that will benefit from having a good lawyer at your side. Some of which include car accidents in which injuries are involved, a divorce, discrimination cases, malpractice, and criminal matters beyond a standard traffic ticket. While you might think that you can represent yourself, in the long run, you're usually far better off having legal representation.

A skilled St. Louis car accident lawyer or a good attorney specialized in cases like yours in the city in which you live can help in multiple ways, including these. 

A Thorough Understanding of Legal Procedures

A good lawyer will have extensive education and training on the law and all the legal procedures, so you won't have to worry about filing the wrong document, missing a deadline, or making any other mistakes that could negatively affect the outcome of the case. Without this knowledge, it can be a struggle to understand how to fill out and file certain legal documents and meet all the deadlines. Just one incorrect or late filing could end up resulting in the case being thrown out. With experience in similar cases, the attorney will also have a much better idea of whether or not you have a case that is likely to win, potentially saving you time and money if the odds are slim. 

A Network of Professionals

Good lawyers have an extended network of other professionals that can be very helpful to their clients' cases, like the top experts in a particular subject matter who can provide invaluable witness testimony. They have also developed relationships with others in the court system like prosecutors, judges, police officers, and clerks. These connections can help when it comes to fair treatment, plea bargains, and reducing penalties. The average person usually doesn't have these kinds of relationships that can make all the difference in a case. 

A Better Financial Outcome

If you've been the victim of a car accident, medical malpractice, discrimination in the workplace, or another similar situation in which financial compensation is deserved and important for the quality of life and your future, hiring a good attorney is really a must. They'll have the experience and knowledge that makes them much better able to go up against the team of lawyers insurance companies have. Trying to do this on your own significantly reduces the chances of fair compensation. 

A lawyer almost always achieves better results than the average individual without experience. That's because they not only have the expertise to do so but the motivation to ensure you get the highest settlement possible as most work on a contingency basis. As Cornell Law School's Legal Information Institute explains, that means they won't charge you for their services unless they achieve a financial award.


A good attorney isn't just a legal adviser – they can be a big source of stress relief. Those who have experience with similar cases will understand the anxiety and stress the legal matter at hand can cause. They'll know what advice to provide to help ease your worries while keeping everything you say confidential. Having someone to confide in that you can trust makes a stressful situation easier to handle.

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