4 Tips To Help You Navigate the Legal Recruitment Process

The legal profession is one of those industries that is constantly touted as a way to earn a lot of money. But even searching for the right role after years of education requires a lot of tenacity and working your way up the ladder to ensure that you are in the right role for your skills. What does it take to navigate the recruitment process when you are a freshly graduated lawyer?

There Are a Lot More Jobs Than You Think!

Searching for any job role as an experienced lawyer can be disheartening. There are very few positions that are advertised for new graduates and, of course, those few openings have a lot more competition. This is why you have to keep your ears to the ground and find a variety of roles that may not be perfect for you right now, but can give you a foot in the door. This is why it's important to diversify your search and there are a number of recruitment agencies that can give you support so you can go in the right direction, like Origin Legal. There are many firms that may require junior assistants and other specialist areas that can suit your personality and profile.

Choose a Discipline You Are Interested In

A lot of people choose a type of role that is aligned with their passions. The problem in doing this is when you are fully focused on doing something like criminal law, you will find yourself up against a lot of competition. You need to approach criminal law firms and tell them you are available to assist them but also you need to approach it from a more objective approach. It's about helping the firm, rather than them helping you. One of the common mistakes we all make when we apply for roles is about highlighting exactly what we can do and making it more centered on who we are. You have skills to bring to the table, so make sure it benefits the firm.

Bringing Different Experience

When you don't have experience as a lawyer, it proves more difficult to get your foot in the door. But you may have a lot of experience that is useful or relevant to your legal career, even if it's not directly related to being a legal specialist. For example, you may have experience in dealing with people and showing firms how experience in a store dealing with a variety of complaining customers can show them your approach to dealing with conflict. When you start to bring something beyond legal experience to the table, this may show you up as a very unique and beneficial edition to the organization.

Keep at It

As disheartening as it can be to have a job application rejected, the trick is to apply as much as humanly possible so you can fine-tune your application process. There's always the opportunity for feedback if necessary. If possible, try and get some verbal feedback from somebody on what you could do differently next time.

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