3 Popular Candle Heaters You Can Buy Today

Candle heaters are affordable, reliable, and easy to use when lighting or heating the desired location. The sudden onset of chilling temperatures brought upon by the sudden outpour of torrential rain or the freezing temperatures can be gradually opposed with the function of candle heaters. These are unique and innovative devices used to bring warmth to people exposed to unforeseen weather situations.

An Ecofriendly Warming Device

The candle heater originates from an invention known as the Kandle Heeter. It is created by a Northern Californian named Doyle Doss. The Kandle Heeter is a ceramic radiator assembly with multiple core steel embedded within a top ceramic or clay pot, positioned above a ceramic-based cylinder that encloses a candle within.

The Kandle Heeter has evolved through stages and is now known as a Candle Heater. The candle heater is a modern device built with today's materials. Advanced in structure and design, it still retains the candle as its fuel, for low CO2 fumes, and affordable, fuel-efficient properties. A candle heater could theoretically heat-up a room, and can be applied to your camping tent.

The candle heater now looks like a lamp or lantern, popular amongst campers, for it is lightweight, durable, practical, and portable. The new and improved UCO candle heater is now integrated with characteristics from different portable gadgets and is now known as the candle lantern. The candle lantern mixes features of the Kandle Heeter and southeast Asian candle lanterns combined into one device assembly.

Benefits of Using Candle Heaters

Candle heaters and candle lanterns are visually appealing and aesthetic in design and function. They could be used to:

  • Provide light and heat within isolated campsites, even with no electrical power available.
  • Prevent dampness and provide light either to your backyard or campsite. 
  • Become an ideal portable lighting device for: 
    • Backpacking
    • Hunting
    • Mountaineering 
    • Snow camping 
    • Wilderness explorations.

  • Give you a source of light for emergency purposes or events.
  • Light up a place where people gather. 
  • Apply heat energy to the interior of a:
    • Tent
    • Room
    • Cabin
    • Vehicle

How to Properly Use Candle Heaters

There are different types of candle heaters but share similar characteristics too. All candle heaters are made with the initial intention of distributing heat and light with the wax of a candle. Some candle heaters come in forms for outdoor, decorative, or a simple DIY project for immediate application.

Modern multi-purpose candle heaters have been built with robust materials, with metals such as aluminum and brass. These lanterns are produced in a variety of paint jobs or could out in a powder-coated finish. The special candles are specifically made based on a wax formula, wick length, and the ability to melt slowly—features engineered for long-term, high-performance use.

To be able to use candle heaters: 

  • Install the candles into the assigned loading slot.
  • Make sure that the candles are at an optimum height.
  • Light up the candle wick with a match or lighter, or any flammable source.
  • Close the candle encasement slowly as not to turn-off the candle flame.
  • Have a fire extinguisher, anti-flammable fluids, and materials nearby for safety and precaution.

Three Popular Candle Heaters

  1. Outdoor Candle Heater
    The Outdoor candle heater is a portable device made for camping or wilderness activities. They typically come in an assembly built with robust materials like a metallic frame casing, a sliding glass designed like a chimney, and a collapsible stock for easy use and deployment. Outdoor candle heaters have hidden structural springs to help you adjust the body of the fuel candles.
  2. Decorative Candle Heater
    The decorative candle heater is designed to be an additional piece of furniture with its creative and artistic attributes. Although stylish, they still function well by heating spaces, distributing fragrances emitted by the candles, and making your living location ambient and comfortable.
  3. Simple DIY Candle Heaters
    Usually created from clay pots and everyday materials you can purchase, they are simple in design and can be made by anyone. They are directly utilized to heat-up corners and spaces while adding a touch of your artistic idea. Their miniature sizes cannot heat-up an entire home but still help curb out the chill developing during cold weather conditions.


Candle Heaters come in distinct forms and products that each serve a unique purpose. These devices could be used for outdoor activities, home decorations, or direct emergency applications. Candle heaters are reliable, practical, affordable, and efficient when it comes to small amounts of light distribution, dampness prevention, and heat dispersion. 

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