15 Reasons to Home Educate

We all know that education is a parent's responsibility. This means that parents have to decide between educating the children in a school environment, educating the children in a Flexi environment, or choosing to home educate. The pandemic taught many parents that home education is going to be a valuable source of learning for their children. Most of these parents haven't considered home education before then.

We are supposed to raise our children to ensure that they are valuable and committed members of the community. The first step to ensuring this, is a high-quality education, which means choosing high-quality resources. You will find that there are many teachers out there that sell lesson plans online, and this way, you can choose to be rigid in your schooling at home, or you can choose to mix things up. One of the most important things to remember as a parent, is that when you are speaking to your children and helping them to learn, their education should be varied. It's easy to want to raise our children in one fixed mindset, but the world is not in one fixed mindset. You can still home educate, but that does mean you have to be open in your belief systems to teach them all that they need to know.

If you are considering home education, you are in the right spot. Below, we have put together 15 excellent reasons that you should say yes to home education and teach your children this way.

  • Class size. Almost every school has large classes of children. Depending on your district, you might find that some public or private schools have smaller classes – but is there a smaller class than just you and your children one to one? When you are teaching your children at home, you are better able to focus your attention on them and their learning patterns. This means that if there is an issue such as dyslexia or dyspraxia, you will be able to pick something up and speak to your doctor sooner than a teacher at the school could. Teachers do an excellent job, but they do have to focus on more than 15 children at once.
  • The chance to socialize. There is a common misconception that school is the only place that children can learn socialization. At school, children are forced to only socialize with their class pairs. There is no real exposure to adults of all ages, or people of all backgrounds. Children mature better, when they speak to children from all areas and adults from all walks of life. When you home educate, you can allow them to join clubs and classes that run during school hours and have different sets of children.
  • Speed. When you are focusing on education with your children at home, the school day looks vastly different. A typical school day lasts for about 6 to 7 hours long, but they are not concentrating on learning for that time. You can condense the school day at home to keep the actual learning to 1 to 2 hours of learning and then the rest can be free for them to learn in their own way. You can still have a longer school day at home, which means your children are more likely to graduate sooner.
  • Academics. Did you know that there are studies that show that homeschooled educated children do better academically than public and private school children? There are many colleges out there that recognise this fact and recruit homeschool students for this reason.
  • A tailored education. Homeschooled children can learn at their own pace, which we've covered already. However, they can also learn more about subjects that interest them. If you have a child who hates mathematics but love science, you can incorporate many of the mathematical lessons into their science classes because they often go hand-in-hand. You can attend to the unique educational needs of each individual child, too, as you're not teaching to a huge group.
  • It doesn't cost as much. Well you will still be putting money into resources and potentially furniture for your home to create a homeschooling environment, the average cost per child per year of education can be more when they go to private or public schools. From excursions and equipment, to educational fees and school stipends, you can spend a lot of money on direct schooling.
  • You can be flexible. You don't have to worry about what time of year you choose your family vacation. When you homeschool your children, you can go where you want, when you want, because everything is a learning opportunity. Having well traveled younger children, will make them fearless and happy to travel adults. You can take them to build their friendships to learn life skills and you can go on trips and daily outings as you want to. It's a great way to be more free in your life with your children.
  • You get to spend more time together. When you home educate your children, you get to spend more time with them at home. You can cook together, clean together, you get to laugh together a lot more than when they're spending hours of time at school. We don't get very many years without children before they become fully fledged adults, so when you choose to home educate you are giving yourself that time back. Homeschooled families have plenty of time together and plenty of time with other families just like them
  • They get better support. Again, teachers do a fantastic job at what they do, but one teacher cannot support 30 children in the same way that you can with your children at home. You'll be able to offer them opportunities that they may not even find at school, such as sporting ones, musical ones, and even a community of other homeschool parents where you can all learn to build a community together.
  • The extracurriculars are fantastic. The opportunity to home educate the children to enjoy extra curricular activities are far more than you could've thought. Because homeschool children are not confined by timetables, there are more opportunities out there for classes, including things like library activities and athletics, music and countless other activities. It is an incorrect assumption that homeschool children don't have much opportunity to interact outside school. They're always camping trips and he's out and activities that can be done between other home school communities.
  • Less pressure. One of the biggest issues with schoolchildren is the pressure with homework, studying, and mainstream examinations. Yes, homeschooled children are more than eligible to sit the same tests and exams, the difference is that they are not learning to recite. Homeschooled children are learning to learn and to absorb the information rather than learning to answer questions on a test paper. There is less homework if any, there are less pressures when it comes to revising and timeframes. Parents will find the children far more relaxed and that's a good thing because relaxed children learn.
  • Better sleep. Not only will you as a parent have better sleep, your children will, too. There are studies that consistently show that children need a high volume of sleep, and the earliest. Times require children to wake up earlier than their bodies are ready for. With home education, you can work your school day around your wake up times rather than waking up for your school day. This will help your children to get an adequate night of sleep every single night with no panic or worry or rush in the morning.
  • Few instances of peer pressure. While home educating the children will work with their peers and be around their peers in public, there is no need for school to be a fashion parade. School tends to be a fishbowl, where children wear certain clothes or allow certain trends in their lives to overtake everything including social media. This won't happen when you home educate, and you have a bit more control over the people that you hang out with. While you need to let your children make their own decisions and their own mistakes, bullying is not often a factor. If you do find that it is, you can simply remove them from other homeschool groups and find new people.
  • Better choices. From the books that you used to teach your children, to the resources that you buy, you have much better choices than what the schools can provide. As you are tailoring the education to your child, you know exactly what you should be buying and want to avoid.
  • Everybody is happier. Yes, children in schools get a lot out of them, but with the danger surrounding schools right now in the US, home education is a very enticing prospect. You don't have to worry about your children going to school and not coming home –  which makes everybody happier at home.

Home education is growing in popularity and if this is the best thing for your family, go for it!

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