Why the Martingale Fails as a Roulette System

Martingale is a money management strategy that advises roulette players to double their bet after every loss. This system mostly applies to the color bets. The logic behind this approach is that one win will replace all the other lost. Players that use this tactic require a considerably massive bankroll for when they encounter consecutive losses. When using this system, a gambler should be conversant with the pros and cons that are likely to crop up. Martingale does not have so many advantages that players can benefit from playing in either land-based or online casino. Some of the merits of using this strategy include:

  • Martingale has been reviewed to be a straightforward strategy to grasp for beginner and expert gamers
  • One win helps the gamer recover his or her bankroll fully
  • Short term players are prevented from losing more substantial sums when using this strategy
  • This system allows beginner players a chance to win a considerable amount after consecutive losses
  • The system is progressive and will enable gamers to stop when they feel they have had enough or when they lose subsequently.

When it comes to the cons of using this approach, gamers have a number of limitations that may see to it that they lose a lot of money. Some of the disadvantages of using Martingale strategy include:

  • Players will not overcome the house edge using this strategy
  • The system does not increase a gamer’s chance of winning
  • Table limits set by virtual gaming establishments limit the amount of money one can place as a bet. When the doubled bet is too big, gamers will have no choice but to stick to the table requirement. The system ends there, and players will not be able to recover money they have lost
  • The variables associated with the game are not explored fully. Players, for instance, don’t know the number of times they will lose before they achieve a winning streak
  • Martingale is limiting to players with a small gambling budget.

All these factors and more should be considered by a gamer before they decide to pursue Martingale as their betting strategy. Understanding how the system works is essential for gamers so that they can know what to expect from it regarding payout and odds. Drawing from the disadvantages of Martingale discussed above, there are several reasons why this system has been reviewed not to be the best to use for the simple fact that it does not work consistently. Discussed herein are some of the reasons why Martingale fails as a roulette system.


The probability that a gamer will win using this system remains fifty percent. The percentage goes even lower when placing bets on the black and red pockets because of the additional green pockets. There are two in some alternatives of roulette and one in other variations, which reduce the half chance to about forty-seven percent. The odds of winning in a game of roulette vary for the various alternatives available due to the number of pockets on the wheel.


This factor plays a critical role for gamblers playing roulette. The system does not advise players on where to place their bets. A gamer has to decide on primary factors that affect gameplay before the system sets in. Martingale does not work on the overall gaming experience because it comes in after gameplay and only serves to influence the outcome without contributing to the game itself.

Also on bets, there are limits set by casinos, such as betatcasino.com, on the amount of money that can be placed as wager in one set. Doubling previous bets means that at some point the player will have an amount that is over that allowed. Here, the system stops and gamblers are left to make their own decisions. This element points to the limitation of this strategy that players cannot rely on it to work wholly on the game or the results.

House Edge

Most casino games have a set Return To Player percentage and players will always receive the stated rate or lower than that. Online gamblers using Martingale strategy are subjected to the law of large numbers which supports the notion that players have to perform more spins to reach the theoretical value given. Martingale has no influence on the house edge, which means that the house will have the upper hand over the gamblers. The system fails to give way forward on some of the essential variables that govern roulette.


Martingale does not take into account the bankroll at a player’s disposal. Using this method requires that gamblers have a considerable budget to work with while respecting the minimum wagering limit set per table. This strategy is limiting to players who are on a tight budget.


Some gamers have a limited amount of time set aside for betting. Some players using this strategy may not have enough time to sit through multiple spins waiting for their lucky streak. Long-term players, on the other hand, are faced with various challenges that may see them use more money than they had intended to.

Martingale strategy has failed to work for most gamblers due to the factors discussed above. Players need to consider numerous factors before they decide to apply this strategy in their gaming venture.

Using Martingale as a strategy when playing roulette may be appealing to gamers, but it does not guarantee any wins. This system does not give tips to use during the initial stages of gameplay. It works solely on the outcomes and how to improve anticipated results.

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