Why Is It Important To Have A Dash Cam?

Have you ever considered why a friend or a stranger has a dash cam? Many people feel that same way. Getting into someone's car and noticing a dash cam can feel like an odd question to ask because not many people consider why someone would have one in their car, but the answers are a lot more obvious, and some surprising, than you would think.

With the growing popularity of dash cams, many people have been finding good uses for them. Some practical, others more interesting. For all of those who have seen this trend of dash cams growing, but are not sure why they are growing, this information may be useful for you!

Driving Assistance

Driving assistance is one of the main reasons why people use dash cams. They are so important to help with the daily tasks of driving that it is hard to imagine a life without them now. The ability of dash cams are most evident in their use as parking aides, and this has been revolutionary for cars. The ability to watch your rear while backing up or while trying to park is helping prevent injuries to pedestrians, and other motorists. Dash cams are great for parking and reversing purposes because they can offer a near 360-degree view around your car to keep you, and it, protected from harm. Dash cams can help parking at night now too, with night vision modes and higher resolution cameras.

Accident Evidence 

This is why most people get a dash cam, as you may be aware. Getting involved in a car accident can be tricky when the other party does not want to admit liability for their actions, and there are no witnesses or unreliable eye-witnesses. Dash cams can help remove any element of uncertainty by providing objective, clear evidence in the case of a car accident. Having this kind of account of the events can absolve you of any legal problems, and allow you to maintain a good driving record.

Recording a Road Trip

One of the more lighthearted purposes for owning a dash cam is for the use of recording your own video montage of a road trip. Sometimes it can be hard capturing all the scenery you take in while driving cross country, or from city to city. One of the best, and safest ways if you are going solo, is by installing a dash cam in your car. The dash cam can provide fish eye view, 180-degree, 360-degrees, and even up to 1440p quality, so all of your adventures look crystal clear, and contains enough video to allow for a nice editing session and make a fun road trip video for either yourself or to share with friends and family. 

Driver/Passenger Safety

There are a lot of instances of cab drivers or ride-sharing drivers being assaulted by their passengers, or passengers in a vehicle being attacked by their drivers. Dash cams can be used to mitigate this, or at the very least, provide concrete evidence to catch any harmful activity on camera. Many taxis are starting to include these in their cars because of patrons skipping out of the vehicle before paying for their fare. Similar to Uber or Lyft, they have come under fire for unfortunate incidents of drivers attacking female passengers. Cabin view dash cams allow for companies to maintain a record of accountability for passengers and drivers alike, and even city bus drivers use these as there had been growing concerns over the safety of their drivers

Capturing an Unlikely Incident

One side note that dash cams could be useful for, is by capturing a crazy moment on the road that no one would believe. The giant meteor that flies over Russia is a great example of how a dash cam is not only practical for legal and driving safety purposes, but also presents a weird opportunity to record something unbelievable that would otherwise be unsafe, or impossible to catch while driving. 

Dash cams might confuse you, because you are unsure about their purposes. That seems to be a common theme amongst inquisitive internet users. Most people just imagine some crazy Russian driving incident, but dash cams actually prove incredibly useful for a lot of reasons. Driver safety, teaching aides, and for legal liability reasons. On the lighter side of things, dash cams are also known to help capture crazy, unpredictable moments on the road, and can be used to create a video journal of a road trip.

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