When Bad Habits Turn Good

We've been conditioned to believe that indulgence is bad. Sinful, even! Regardless of religious faith or personal persuasion, we've all spent our lives believing with absolute conviction that our vices and indulgences will be our undoing. But how much does a life of absolute sobriety and self-denial really benefit us? Without the ability to indulge ourselves from time to time, we can find ourselves stressed, irritable and depressed. And while there are plenty of healthy outlets for relieving the stress, anxiety and sadness that can afflict us all in these stressful and uncertain times, a little of what's bad for us can do us good.

Indulging your vices every now and then can actually be beneficial. And, as long as your relationship with them remains healthy, form a perfectly healthy part of a balanced diet of activities. Let's take a closer look…  

We really mustn't gossip! We tell ourselves. It's the basest and most deplorable form of social interaction. When our bosses catch us gossiping at work, we scuttle away like cockroaches under a newly lifted refrigerator. We gossip in hushed, guilty tones and remind ourselves to do a good charitable deed as soon as we're finished…

But did you know that a little gossip can actually be good for you? When we trade stories about forbidden workplace romances or exchange comments about a co-worker's shoes, it can actually benefit us socially and psychologically. Especially in the workplace. It helps us to feel closer to those we share a workplace with, and often gives us the gift of laughter which floods the brain with feel-good chemicals like endorphins, dopamine and which help to relieve the stress and anxiety that many of us feel at work. Especially in the current climate.

Online betting
We've been conditioned to believe that betting is an addictive vice. And while we certainly have to make sure our relationship with it remains healthy, it certainly isn't a harbinger of doom. Indeed, when you bet on your favorite sports with a website like Borgata Online it can actually be beneficial in a number of ways. It can help you to get more enjoyment out of the sports you love, encourage you to learn more about them and get more invested, introduce you to a community of like minded people and, if you get into the right habits, can be very lucrative.   

Does your significant other stare daggers at you when they see you twiddling your thumbs or catch you drumming your fingers on the kitchen table. While fidgeting can be anathema to our loves ones, it can actually be a handy way to create a calorie deficit. For real! Studies suggest that fidgeting can burn up to 350 additional calories a day. Not enough to transform you within a week, but when you're trying to shift a little excess weight, every little helps. 

Skipping a shower
We all take our personal hygiene seriously. What's more, a hot shower or bath can be the perfect way to relax after a long and stressful day or prepare you for the challenges that lie ahead. But every now and then we feel like maybe we'd like to skip our ablutions. That's surely a cardinal sin committed only by those with abysmal hygiene standards, right? Wrong! In fact, skipping the odd shower can be good for us. Our skin is the biggest organ in our body, and over washing can dry out the oils that are necessary to keep it soft and supple. What's more, excessive washing can disrupt the delicate ecosystem of bacteria and fungi that calls our skin home. So skipping the odd shower can actually be beneficial for your skin rather than ruinous. 

Cheating on your diet
You do your best to stick religiously to your diet, eschewing the fatty, sugary and salty temptations that assail you through your day and focusing your attention on whole foods, leafy greens and lean protein sources. But while this is absolutely commendable, indulging in the odd pizza, cheeseburger or ice cream sundae can actually help you achieve your weight loss and fitness goals rather than impede them. They give your metabolism a boost and help you to better manage our cravings. 

Sleeping in
Finally, we're always told that the key to success is being early to bed and early to rise… but how much of that is based on scientific fact, and how much of it is mere superstition? Sleep plays an important role ion our physical health, regulating hormones, repairing tired and damaged tissue and keeping our hearts and other organs in tip top shape. So don't feel ashamed to enjoy an extra hour's sleep here or there in the week. You've more than earned it!

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