What’s the difference between new casino sites and established ones?

Many new casino sites are launched every year and this has especially been the case over the last couple of years as the industry continues to grow at a rapid rate. Sometimes it is a case of existing companies adding more brands that concentrate on a more niche aspect of the industry in order to focus on attracting players with those specific interests. In other cases, they are completely new companies that have attracted funding in order to create a site that is in line with their business objectives.

It is often the case though that new casino sites are more attractive to players because there are a number of advantages associated with them that players can identify with.

Representatives from industry authority New Casino Sites recently said: “The beauty of the newer casino sites is that their offering is more attractive, such as better welcome bonuses and games as well as being generally more agile, which means that they can respond quickly to changes in the marketplace, but can also bring new products to market a lot faster because there is less bureaucracy typically involved.”

“When a new casino site is created they can apply new trends from the start, which is already an advantage over established ones who might need to contact their software provider and discuss changes in their contract to implement such changes.”

Key differences

Some of the more established casino sites, for example, might have strict agreements in place with just a couple of software providers, which means that they might only be able to offer a limited amount of slots and games. Depending on this agreement, such sites may have an agreement in place stating that they can only use certain software providers which means that they might be missing out on potential players.

In addition to this, newer casino sites generally have more attractive welcome bonuses for players which many consider a high priority. Not only this, these are sometimes a lot more varied in relation to their conditions, in terms of how players can use them and what they can use them on.

Also, newer casino sites are built using the latest software (HTML5), which means that their sites load a lot quicker and the games appear in better quality, whether this is on mobile, tablet, or desktop. Usually, more established sites need to update their websites in line with the latest technology and this can cause inconvenience for players.

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